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    Created by sexyfiregirl

      July 27, 2011, 5:13 pm
    Hello I hope this walkthrough wil help!;)

    Egg Sand= Turtle
    Human Blood= Vampire
    Alcohol Water= Vodka
    Weapon Hunter= Warrior
    Tools Metal= Weapon
    Life Water= Weeds
    Beast Vampire= Werewolf
    Beast Water= Whale
    Seeds Field= Wheat
    Wood Tools= Wheel
    Human Energy= Wizard
    Tree Tools= Wood
    Human Domestic Animal= Wool
    Beast Hunter= Wool
    Bacteria Swamp= Worm
    Plankton Earth= Worm
    Life Corpse= Zombie
    Shell Stone= Limestone
    Egg Swamp= Lizard
    Steam Engine Cart= Locomotive
    Human Domestic Animal= Meat
    Beast Human= Meat
    Bird Hunter= Meat
    Fire Stone= Metal
    Human Domestic Animal= Milk
    Domestic Animal Grass= Milk
    Swamp Weeds= Moss
    Earth Weeds= Mushroom
    Water Coal= Oil
    Tools Reed= Paper
    Bird Fire= Pheonix
    Bacteria Water= Plankton
    Tools Scorpion= Poison
    Poison Weapon= Poisoned Weapon
    Swamp Grass= Reed
    Limestone Fertiliser= Saltpeter
    Water Stone= Sand
    Beetle Sand= Scorpion
    Grass Grass= Seeds
    Life Sand= Seeds
    Human Human= Sex
    Plankton Stone= Shell
    Wood Boat= Ship
    House Glass= Skyscraper
    Swamp Worm= Snake
    Sand Worm= Snake
    Water Air= Steam
    Boiler Coal= Steam Engine
    Ship Steam Engine= Steam Ship
    Air Lava= Stone
    Air Energy= Storm
    Bacteria Swamp= Sulphur
    Water Earth= Swamp
    Bird Storm= Thunderbird
    Fire Grass= Tobacco
    Human Metal= Tools
    Tree Life= Treant
    Earth Seeds= Tree
    Stone Stone= Fire
    Weapon Gunpowder= Firearm
    Plankton Bacteria= Fish
    Stone Wheat= Flour
    Ship Fabric= Frigate
    Life Ash= Ghost
    Zombie Corpse= Ghoul
    Fire Sand= Glass
    Clay Life= Golem
    Earth Moss= Grass
    Saltpeter Sulphur= Gun Powder
    Warrior Dragon= Hero
    Bricks Concrete= House
    Life Beast= Human
    Human Weapon= Hunter
    Stone Human= Hut
    Fire Earth= Lava
    Energy Swamp= Life
    Swamp Sand= Clay
    Fabric Human= Clothes
    Tree Fire= Coal
    Wood Fire= Coal
    Water Cement= Concrete
    Fire Human= Corpse
    Human Poison= Corpse
    Wizard Energy= Demigod
    Earth Egg= Dinosaur
    Fish Beast= Dolphin
    Human Beast= Domestic Animal
    Water Flour= Dough
    Dinosaur Fire= Dragon
    Air Earth= Dust
    Life Stone= Egg
    Metal Energy= Electricity
    Tools Wool= Fabric
    Bird Hunter= Feather
    Moss Swamp= Fern
    Domestic Animal Grass= Fertiliser
    Earth Tools= Field
    Air Car= Airplane
    Fire Water= Alcohol
    Human Alcohol= Alcoholic
    Human Vodka= Alcoholic
    Human Beer= Alcoholic
    Tree Fire= Ash
    Wood Fire= Ash
    Dragon Hunter= Ash
    Human Poisoned Weapon= Assassin
    Swamp Life= Bacteria
    Earth Lizard= Beast
    Alcohol Wheat= Beer
    Earth Worm= Beetle
    Egg Air= Bird
    Dinosaur Human= Blood
    Beast Human= Blood
    Wood Water= Boat
    Metal Steam= Boiler
    Feather Paper= Book
    Dough Fire= Bread
    Clay Fire= Bricks
    Air Worm= Butterfly
    Oil Cart= Car
    Wood Wheel= Cart
    Clay Limestone= Cement
    Clay Human= Ceramics
    Beast Cart= Chariot
    Paper Tobacco= Cigarette

    hope it helped!;)
    Credits: internet lol

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        on Aug 14, 2011 at 8:42 am | report



        on Jul 28, 2011 at 6:12 pm | report
      Comment on this Walkthrough...Credits: internet lol

      haha epic Credits! lol

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