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    Created by sashko138

      July 25, 2010, 12:49 pm
    The Visitors

    1. Click on the window, after the intro video sequence.
    2. Find the 6 guards stationed in the windows. (You may have to wait until some of them appear)
    3. Once you found them all, kill them.
    4. Exit the room, take your vehicle and go to Kiro’s place.

    Tokyo Rooftops

    1. (To activate this mission and the next two you will need to go to Kiro's place)
    2. In Tokyo go to the Daiki Tower.
    3. Go into the door next to the old man.
    4. Go to the end of the hallway.
    5. Enter the door to your right.
    6. Go upstairs and enter the door.
    7. Go to the end of the room next to the bed.
    8. Click on the window to really start the mission.
    9. Wait a while for a “free runner” to appear on the rooftops at the left of the screen.
    10. Shoot at him only when he is running. (not when he is rolling or jumping)

    Shopping A Head

    1. In Tokyo go to the Emi Massage building.
    2. Go to the right of the building.
    3. Enter the door.
    4. Once inside go to your right.
    5. Enter the closest door to your right again.
    6. Click on the window to really start the mission.
    7. Break the two hinges that hold the sign in the center of the screen.
    8. (The bamboo wall has fallen) Shoot your target that is now visible.

    High Danger

    1. In Tokyo at Kiro’s place go up the glass stairs.
    2. Go to the right window next to the passage.
    3. Wait about 15 seconds for a helicopter to appear in the top right corner of the screen.
    4. Near the tail of the helicopter a guy will appear.
    5. Shoot him before he passes.

    Crossing The Line

    1. Go to the Hotel in Chicago.
    2. Go upstairs and take the first door to your left.
    3. Click on the window to start the mission.
    4. You can find an informant at the far right of the screen. (He will appear from time to time)
    5. Once you found him eliminate him.

    Sacred Ashes

    1. (To do this mission you will need to have killed all four informants - four first missions and go back to Kiro's place in Tokyo)
    2. In Tokyo go to the business tower and the mission should begin automatically.
    3. Wait a while until a limousine arrives near the left of the screen.
    4. Once the car has stopped a man will walk out.
    5. Aim your binoculars on the man.
    1. In Tokyo go to the business tower.
    2. Enter the building and take the key card at the entrance, after killing the enemies.
    3. Use the elevator and continue killing the enemies.
    4. Go forward, through all the corridors.
    5. Once inside a suite there is a passage to the left that leads to the sacred ashes.
    6. Take the vase of ashes.

    Dark Smoke

    1. Take the opposite direction of the Break-in mission to get out of the building.
    2. (Some ninjas will stand in your way) Shoot them in the legs for an easier kill.
    3. Once you’re out of the building the mission will be done.

    Tires and bullets
    1. (This mission is hard and will automatically begin after the Dark Smoke mission and if you return to Kiro’s safe place, so it will be important to have a powerful weapons and reload on munitions)
    2. Eliminate all the Yakuza members on their bikes.

    Cut All Ties

    1. (This is the final mission and takes place in your HQ)
    2. Go to the top of the glass stairs and you will confront Yuuma.
    3. Shoot Yuuma to force him to approach you and then shoot him again when he is about to strike.

    Secondary Missions

    (All these missions give you $500 in cash)

    1. Little Pests – Find the old man’s cane in the Daiki Tower.
    2. Breaking My Back – Kill the man who gave a bad massage to the girl. He can be found in one of the rooms in Emi’s Massage.
    3. Fully Armed – Be equipped with a shotgun, a Barett, and a Desert Eagle.
    4. Dress 4 Success – Buy and wear the 4 costumes that are in the clothes shop in Tokyo.
    5. Quick Response – Do as the mission objectives.
    6. Looking At You – Find all 8 cameras for the thief who’s standing near the gun shop.
    7. Hidden Stash– There’s a hidden safe near the gun shop, just shoot the air vent on the left wall.
    8. Broken Pieces – Break all the vases found in these locations :


    1. (1) One in the Hotel rooms.


    1. (3) Three in Emi's Massage.
    2. (2) Two in the Daiki Tower.
    3. (1) Just outside the Gun Shop.
    4. (3) Three in the business tower.

    9. Authentic Set – Find all the authentic artworks found in these locations :

    Chicago: none


    1. (2) Two in the Daiki Tower.
    2. (2) Two in the business tower.
    3. (2) Two in Emi's Massage.
    4. (1) One at Kiro's Place


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