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    Created by iWicked

      August 22, 2011, 8:53 pm
    -Pick up the bottle of the ground.
    -Grab note from Alice's Pocket.
    -Grab the bone from her leg.
    -Go right (by clicking the heart shaped arrow)
    -Pick up the rock on the ground
    -Click the shovel to take the handle
    -Click right TWICE
    -Grab the card from the cracked wall
    -Go back to where Alice's body lays (Starting Room)
    -Use the rock on the bone, this would cause it to be jagged
    -Click the door, then use the jagged bone on the key hole
    -Then, go to the black box (located where you got the rock and shovel handle)
    -Once you entered, use the bottle on the acid as soon as you enter
    -Go right and use the card on the slot next to the green door
    -Go right again, and use the bottle of acid to get rid of the webs (you will received a glass shard)
    -Use the handle of the shovel and interact it with the tree sap on the top right side of the giant caterpillar
    -Use the tree sap on the glass shard
    -You will acquire a spear. Use it on the giant caterpillar (you will receive a monocle)
    -Pick up the bell and key once you've killed the caterpillar
    -Go back to where Alice's body lays
    -You should cycle through the walls of each room to find numbers (you should come up with numbers in this order (829 203)
    -Once you acquired the numbers, go back to the Green Door
    -Use the key acquired from the caterpillar
    -Enter the numbers into the suitcase (829 203)
    Credits: I hope this walkthrough was helpful in a few ways. It's my VERY first walkthrough ever. I know it's not the best organized walkthrough, but I've tried my best to commit to helping you guys through beathing "Alice is Dead Ep. 1."

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