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    Created by iWicked

      August 22, 2011, 11:23 pm
    1. Click the black Spade-shaped arrow to enter the town.

    2. Grab the Brick (Underneath the where it says "Fred's Fish.")

    3. Then, you should see a sewer right beside where the brick was placed. Go ahead and click on it and you should receive a Penny.

    4. Click the red Heart-shaped arrow by the door.

    5. Open the keypad. Two options: Open it with the Penny and click the red wire or bash it with the Brick. Then, just simply click on the Lock and you'll enter.

    6. Reading the diary/journal isn't necessary, but go ahead if desired.

    7. Click the answering machine (at the far right of the room)

    8. There should be two numbers: Mary Ann and Hatter. Use your Phone to call them. Listen to the Voice Messages if needed.

    9. Then go back outside, where you found the Brick and Penny.

    10. Click the black Spade-shaped arrow close at the upper left hand side.

    11. Pick up the Pipe next to the Exit door.

    12. Click the red Heart-shaped arrow pointing to the left.

    13. Click on the person/stranger (Ruile) you see there and just click through the conversation.

    14. Give Rulio the Penny and he'll give you the Mushroom.

    15. Go right twice.

    16. You'll have to get rid of these two guys that you'll meet up with (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb) You can put the Mushroom in their drink, or either use the Pipe to bash them in the head.

    17. Go back to where you found the Pipe, and throw it in the dumpster (As you can not bring it in the club)

    18. Go back to the nightclub and enter. (Located where you bashed Tweedle Dee and Tweddle Dumb)

    19. Click the red Heart-shaped arrow.

    20. Click the thermostat on the wall.

    21. Turn the temperature to 90 degrees.

    22. Go right twice, leading you to the Restroom.

    23. Call the number on the mirror.

    24. Go back to the kitchen.

    25. Click on the back area underneath Slot Machine.

    26. Change the odds to 1:1.

    27. Back out and go play the Slot Machine.

    28. Go back to the bathroom.

    29. Click the bathroom stalls, and select the third one. (Last on the right)

    30. Enter the Secret Lab.

    31. Go right.

    32. Click on the tubevator.

    33. Read the text message that you've received.

    34. You'll have to find three tapes:
    The first one moves from game to game. It's either on the table in the lab, on a table in the main room of the nightclub, under the door of the first stall, or on the table near the bouncers (maybe elsewhere, too).

    The second is in the dumpster.

    Rulio has the third.

    35. Go back and enter the Secret Lab, and turn left.

    36. Insert each of the tapes into the T.V.

    37. After watching each tape, go back to the tubevator. You'll then receive a message from Mary Ann.

    38. Mary Ann's "Gift" is found in the middle drawer underneath the sink, located at the Restroom.

    39. Then, simply go back to the tubevator.

    40. Congratulations, you've just beaten Alice is Dead Episode 3.

    Stay tuned after the credits to watch a Special Cutscene.
    Credits: I hope this walkthrough has helped. I am new at creating walkthroughs and I'm absolutely trying my best to do my best to help those in need.

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