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    Created by hossam1444

      August 26, 2011, 12:31 am
    hey everyone!!
    to win Rizzoli and Isles: The Masterpiece Murders game follow these steps: to the first police officer
    2.go into the apartment on the victim
    4.take a sample of her blood by the cotton swabs on her hand
    6.take her fingerprint by the fingerprint brush + fingerprint tape on the painting
    8.there is a fingerprint of the left of the painting (take it)
    9.go to the bathroom on the bath
    11.use the blood stain spray to find a blood stain (take a sample of it(by the cotton swabs))
    12.go out and talk to the second police officer
    13.go left & all the way to the landlord's room
    14.go inside,talk to him and take that logo...
    15.go to the map ===> go to the HQ
    16.take a look at your desk then a look at your board
    17.go right to the autopsy room to isles
    19.go check your desk (take the weapon sketch + the PINK report)
    20.go and but them on the board
    21.go to the map ===> medical center to rizzoli then go inside
    23.go to the 2nd victim's room on the victim then take a blood sample (from the neck)
    25.look at her desk and take a pencil
    26.use the pencil on the pice of paper and take the paper
    27.use the blood spray to find a blood stain and take a sample at her notebook and see what is written on the painting and take the fingerprint on the right
    30.go back to the HQ
    31.check the desk,take the PINK reports and but them on the board
    32.go left and talk to rizzoli to the map ===> heragon
    34.go inside and talk to the owner
    35.back to the HQ
    36.take what is on the desk and but it on the board(the report + the note)
    37.but these together (paintings together,pictures together, the 3 notes together)
    38.go to the map ===> free art school
    39.go in,talk to the lady then inside the school
    40.go left then click on the paintings holder ( thompson's home
    51.go inside have click on him then on the painting and take the weapon on the bag that's on the couch,take the note and go back to HQ
    53.go to the desk,take the fingerprint off the weapon and go to the board
    54.but the things together and you'll have:
    (3 paintings,3 pictures,3 notes,3 fingerprints,3 Adam stuff)
    55.go to rizzoli's office and write a note using the pencil
    56.go to the map ===> Adam burns

    and if you followed every step right you will find yourselves a winner :D
    Credits: have a nice day ^___^

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