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    Created by Ennokk

      August 31, 2011, 6:41 pm
    1.First one is a cup,tip it upside down from the position its in.

    2.Click the stitches and clock the crease on his head and take the top off. and hold and rub around his nose to make him sneeze.

    4.this is almost like a nesting doll,pull off the monsters off the top till u get to the end.

    5.flip the paper boat upside down so it can float put the sailors inside and click the play button.

    6.wait till the ball hits the X,click it away and when the ball is approximately half way down in the middle of the screen click the circle to swing the bat.

    7.take the roof off and poke it into the hole to push out the play button. the combination to be White Black White Black than click his left arm and open the platter. the truck really fast each click will make it pick up speed to make the jump.

    10.Click the first one and rotate it all the way till u meet the first piece of the pie puzzle,than do the same for the rest and line each piece up.

    11.Smash the opposites together.

    12.Make the balloons the same shape as the one holding it.

    13.Put the balls inside the cup if u dont find it and its full take the balls out and put ones in that need to get wet.

    14.Click out a few of the big pieces up to the to the small long piece in the middle than the first big piece holding the ball.

    15.Swing the ball and chain at the top of the lvl hit the bricks till the play button falls out.

    16.Click and drag the balls into the pipe.

    17.The button is floating on a hook on top grab ur hook and pull it down.

    18.You start in the middle,slowly turn it to get into one of the corners closest to u on the inside once u get into a corner turn it slowly again to have the ball fall straight down on top of the other glowing orb and continue.

    19.Norton Everret point to the upper right,Nelson Winkle point upper left,Samuel Warrant point bottom left corner,Stefan Eggmund point bottomg right.

    20.Press the red button when the hammer is as close as possible to the center,build up enough momentum to hit the bell above.

    21.The four squares in the center will form the play button when rotated,click them to rotate them into the correct formation.

    22.Clues for this level can be found by dragging and pointing the light in the upper left and right corners,the clues are P=16 and L=12,the numbers correspond with the letters place in the alphabet,your job is to spell PLAY,the code is 1612125.

    23.The fractions at the bottom refer to the antennae and eyes on the fluffy ball creatures, 1/1 means one antenna and one eye,get each creature into its proper spot, by clicking the barriers to remove them,clicking the barrier again restores it.

    24.Point the canon around the screen and shoot at the hanging X’s to turn them into check-marks,hitting them again will turn them back into X’s,the further away you aim, the stronger your shot will be,shooting at the left and right walls and bouncing off will help.

    Credits: hope this helped on any hard lvls u may have encountered

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Sep 1, 2011 at 8:32 pm | report
      thx but i already finished it before you do it

      but it will help the others for sure


        on Sep 1, 2011 at 7:56 am | report
      Thx : )


        on Sep 1, 2011 at 7:11 am | report
      Thanks YOU Ennokk for the ClickPlay Rainbow walkthrough :D Keep on the good work!

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