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    Created by Ennokk

      September 7, 2011, 2:49 pm
    1.The Papers
    -Move them by clicking and dragging.

    -Click a page once to select it,which brings it to the top of the pages.

    -Rotate them by clicking the selected page,you must click twice,but not too quickly to rotate a page once.

    -You should be able to form a word that says "There"

    2.The Phone & Cupboard
    -You cant get this open without a key...Use the screwdriver for the phone,inside will be a battery and a note.

    3.The Grate
    -If you found the screwdriver,you just need to click it to use it,and than carefully click each of the five screws.When you're done,click the face of the grate to take it away.Inside there is a note and a photograph,the back says "Home".

    4.The Toys
    -Well you've got the cowardly lion and the scarecrow.If you've found all the right items and are in your inventory you can also make the Tin Man too.You can make him out of the things you have.

    -Click into the spoons and bend them,you need to get that label off the tin can,full up the kettle with water and place it on the boiler,hit the switch,wait a few moments for it to heat up.Hold the can in the steam,tear off the label.Note that "IS OUT" is written on the inside.

    -Now piece him together:Begin with the can,use the bent spoons for the arms and legs,the ball bearing for the head,and of course,the funnel hat.However to make him permanent,you need to finish the grate.Use the screws ti keep everything together.

    5.The Desk-The drawer and the locked cupboard
    -All right,you have a dark area that you need to light up,you cant use the desk lamp,it wont work.

    -And a locked cupboard,when you look at the scarecrow again,he is holding a key,use it on the door to get a box.

    6.The Box-Gotten from the desk

    7.The painting
    -There's something you can do with this immediately,click near the top several times until you move the painting away to reveal a wall safe.Its six digit code is 031033.

    -Make sure you've finished with the toys,after finishing the papers and part of the toys,you also have three sets of words: "HOME" , "THERE" , and " IS OUT , these make the phrase "HOME IS OUT THERE".

    8.The Television
    -Finish with the painting first,plug in the T.V,go through the psych test,answer "shoes" every time (CBBAC),and you get a special message with an image of shoes.

    9.Putting it all together
    -If you've done everything else,you should have:
    -The television flickering on shoes.
    -A yellow brick.
    -15 notes.
    -A glass of water.
    -Two medicine bottles.
    -A snow globe.
    -And several previously use inventory items.

    -DON'T TAKE THE PILLS YET.You need something else,first the snow globe doesn't do anything in case you were wondering,the shoes are not just an image.

    -Hit the T.V with the brick and retrieve the shoes,there is something written inside,remember this :9127.

    -Fill up the glass with water,you'll need to do this several times,take 120mg of medicine,both are Morphid,one is 10 mg,one is 50mg the easiest way is two pills of each.

    -You'll have 30 seconds to act now,turn to the door,look at the pin-pad,enter the code from the shoes.
    Credits: Hope this helps you guys GL : )

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