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    Created by Sokki

      May 3, 2010, 10:29 am
    Especialy for LikwidGames here is it:

    Tips and Trick to Play:

    -When you are in the "wider" view of the jail cell, navigate by moving the cursor to either side of the screen. The scene will spin in either direction a full 360 degrees.
    -Watch for cursor changes to indicate hotspots.
    -Some hotspots do not have cursor changes, so there will be some pixel hunting.
    -You can control time with the little sundial looking thing in the upper right of the screen. The top, or 12 o'clock position brings the sun, the bottom, or 6 o'clock position brings the moon.
    -Once you are in a close up scene, you can move back simply by clicking at the bottom of the screen.

    Good luck!

    The Walkthrough starts now.

    scene 1: Exploring the Cell:

    1.1 Once the cut-scene is over you will find yourself in a jail cell facing a wooden door. Click on the door for a close up.
    1.2 Just to the right of the stairs is some straw on the ground. Take it. Back up.
    1.3 Scroll to the left until you see a statue with its hands raised up. Click on the statue for a close up.
    1.4 Once you are in close up, click on each of the statue's eyes to take them.
    1.5 Strapped to the right arm of the statue is a steel rod. Take it. Back up.
    1.6 Scroll to the left until you see a sad guy (ogre? goblin?) strapped to the wall. Click on the sad guy for a close up.
    1.7 Notice that although one arm is chained, the other one is merely tied with rope. Back up.
    1.8 Scroll to the left until you see a window high up on the wall. Click on the window for a close up.
    1.9 Notice that there are three holes in the bars, each one covered. You can "open" one of these holes at a time.
    1.10 Also make note of the orange thing in the tree outside. Pity you can't reach it. Back up.
    1.11 Continue scrolling left until you see an old guy (elf?) sitting up against the wall. Click on the guy for a close up.
    1.12 You can scroll to a limited extent in this close up, from the window on the right to the markings on the floor on the left.
    1.13 To the left of the old guy is what looks like a little altar on the ground. Notice the markings and the "path" in front of it.
    1.14 Click on the lower left of the altar and you can move it to the left. Click on the lower right of the altar and you can move it to the right.
    1.15 There are three markings on the floor, corresponding to the three holes in the bars. To the far left is a sun, in the middle is a moon, and on the right (covered by the altar) is a symbol that looks like fire. Back up.
    1.16 Continue scrolling to the left until you are nearly back at the door. You should see a big circular doorway and a guard. Click on the circular thing for a close up.
    1.17 In the circular doorway is a ring of red symbols, and a red gem. Take the gem. Back up.

    You've now explored the entire cell. Time to try to escape.

    Scene 2: Freeing the Big

    2.1 Scroll to the right until you are looking at the old guy against the wall.
    2.2 Click on the old guy for a close up.
    2.3 Place the red gem and the straw on top of the altar.
    2.4 Scroll to the right until you can see the window, then click on the window.
    2.5 Click on the bottom hole on the bars to open it (the altar is at the bottom notch on the floor, depicting fire). Back up.
    2.6 You want the sun to come through the hole, so click on the sundial at the 11 o'clock position to change the time.
    2.7 Wait for the sunlight to come through (12 o’clock), it will ignite the straw.
    2.8 Back up and scroll to the right until you see the sad guy chained to the wall.
    2.9 Click on the sad guy for a close up, then use the burning straw on the ropes holding his arm.
    2.10 Wait for the cut-scene as he gets loose.
    2.11 When the cut-scene ends, the frightened guy is sitting by a doorway that he knocked open.
    2.12 Before you go through the mysterious doorway, look closely at the rubble around the opening.
    2.13 There are 4 small rocks here: One to the right and one to the left of the base of the right column, one to the left of the middle of the right column, and one near the bottom of the left column.
    2.14 Take the rocks (note: the cursor changes to a hand when you pass over them, so they are fairly easy to spot).
    2.15 Now click on the doorway to enter.
    2.16 Creepy, a body.
    2.17 On the body's left wrist is a bracelet with a large blue gem, take the gem.
    2.18 Also take the shield that is laying on the body, and the spear that is against the wall. Back up twice.

    scene 3: Getting the Codes
    3.1 Once you free the big guy and plunder the corpse, scroll left until you see the old guy against the wall.
    3.2 Click on the old guy for a close up.
    3.3 The red gem should still be in the altar.
    3.4 Click on the lower left corner of the altar twice to move it to the far left position, where the sun symbol is.
    3.5 Scroll to the right and click on the window.
    3.6 Open the top hole in the bars and back up.
    3.7 Scroll to the left until the altar is in view.
    3.8 Use the sundial to get the sun shining through again (click on the 11 o'clock position).
    3.9 When the sun shines through the ruby (when 12 o’clock comes), red symbols will appear on the stones on the wall. Note the symbols. These symbols change each time you play, so write them down.
    3.10 Remove the red gem from the altar.
    3.11 Place the blue gem on the altar and move it to the right until it is in the center slot (where the moon symbol is).
    3.12 Scroll to the right and click on the window.
    3.13 Now click on the center hole to open it.
    3.14 While you are here, use the spear to get the orange fruit from the tree outside.
    3.15 Back up and scroll to the left until you can see the altar.
    3.16 Change the time on the sundial so that the moon is shining through the window (the 5 o'clock position).
    3.17 Now blue symbols appear on the wall (when 6 o’clock comes). Write them down, they change each time you play.
    3.18 Sometimes one of the symbols will appear on the wall right behind the sundial, so look closely, it can be hard to see.
    3.19 Take the blue gem from the altar.
    3.20 Scroll right until you see the old guy against the wall.
    3.21 Give the orange to the old guy and he will jump up.
    3.22 Now that the old guy has moved you will see a stele against the wall. At the bottom of the steel is a representation of a head with a feathered headdress.
    3.23 Use the eyes from the statue on the head at the bottom of the stele.
    3.24 Back up to the main cell view.

    Scene 4: Time to Escape!
    4.1 Scroll to the left until you see the circular door with the guards.
    4.2 Click on the circular door for a close up.
    4.3 Place the red gem in the bottom hole where you took it from, and place the blue gem in the top hole.
    4.4 Notice the bands of symbols have appeared around the doorway.
    4.5 Click the red symbols and the blue symbols that appeared earlier on the wall.
    4.6 If you enter the symbols correctly the circular door will open.
    4.7 Click on the open door to go through.
    4.8 Icky, spiders!
    4.9 Use the four rocks you picked up by the dead guy to kill the spiders. Click on the rock in your inventory, then click on a spider. If you miss one of the spiders with a rock, you can always kill it with the spear.
    4.10 Once all of the spiders are dead scroll to the left.
    4.12 To the left of the swinging axe is a statue of a head with a hole where the mouth should be.
    4.13 Use the steel rod on the hole in the statue to stop the axe. This may take several tries as the timing is tricky.
    4.14 Once the axe is stopped click on the area behind it.
    4.15 Once all your characters are in the circular area, click on the rubble above the doorway.
    4.16 Ooops?!

    To be continued...

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:

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