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    Created by jvitor

      October 2, 2011, 1:45 pm
    1-click the port to the right, click the right pane and use the universal key and click the green button that says access denied, between the room and get a data disc that is in the middle of the room.
    2-back twice and click on the door left and then click the left pane and click the button below the panel, enter the room, grab the metal pipe in the room baxo, click right onto the lancet.
    3-back and click the left and grab the ID card, go back three times, click on the room to the right and enter the room, then click the right pane, place your ID card to the right and click the lever to turn.
    4-back three times, click the left and click the gate to the left and grab the data disk 2 on the left, and click the back gate to the right and click on the hand and walks into the room.
    5-click the vent to the left, use the key in the uni-vent and then use the metal tube between the fan and the ventilation and get data from disk 3 to the right, click on the right and then click the left pane.
    6-click on the glass and then combine the lancet with the glass, go back and click on the door to the right and click on the hand, leave the room, go back and click on the door on the right.
    7-enter the room and double-click in the right pane, place a data disc, then put the data disk 2 and then put the data disc 3 and put the code 1867.
    8-back four times and double click the room to the left, click on the panel on the left and place the DNA sample compartment on the right.
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas(jvitor the king of puzzles)

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