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    Created by hossam1444

      November 1, 2011, 5:25 am
    hey everyone!!
    to win Bingo game follow these steps :

    round (1)

    lvl 1 :
    click the red box

    lvl 2 :
    click (poke) when the finger is next to the ninjas' heads/eyes

    lvl 3 :
    click the screws to find the password then read it backward

    round (2)

    lvl 1 :
    click the red box that's under the blue bar then the one which is next to the ball

    lvl 2 :
    click on every light twice

    lvl 3 :
    click on every hat and see how many hairs does every single one has

    round (3)

    lvl 1 :
    click the box that is next to the ball
    click the 3rd box before the 2nd one
    when the ball reaches the 2nd box click it
    hold the basket and but in next to the blue bar to catch the ball

    lvl 2 :
    drag that (ball person) and throw it on the breaks a couple of times until you destroy them all

    lvl 3 :
    click on its eyes and count how many times does every eye close

    round (4)

    lvl 1 :
    click the boxes to make some stairs ( first line "3", second line "2" , third line "1" )
    then click the box next to the ball

    lvl 2 :
    click on the bomb with the right button until it explodes

    lvl 3 :
    hold & drag the red board from the arrow on the numbers board and see the password in the gaps

    round (5)

    lvl 1 :
    click the first 2 columns of red boxes
    make the ball spin fast then click the red circle

    lvl 2 :
    match every 2 similar ninjas

    lvl 3 :
    click on the board and figure out the password
    explain : ( the dot is the number , look from where it's surrounded and what is the number that is surrounded from the same directions )
    e.g : the first dot is surrounded from north & east then the first number is 7

    round (6)

    lvl 1 :
    drag the hammer to the middle of the air then drop it
    do it again with the second hammer to get the ball in the basket

    lvl 2 :
    click the fireworks from the lowest to the highest

    lvl 3 :
    spin the circles until you see numbers from the gaps
    first password number = circle 1 (1st number * 2nd number)
    second password number = circle 2 (1st number + 2nd number)
    third password number = circle 3 (1st number * 2nd number)
    fourth password number = circle 4 (1st number + 2nd number)

    round (7)

    lvl 1 :
    click both boxes together
    drag the orange bar and hold it to slide the ball on it and get it in the basket

    lvl 2 :
    find the similar ninjas to the three ninjas at the front quickly

    lvl 3 :
    click on (these things) and see who goes down and who don't
    count every group of (things) between every two down (things)

    round (8)

    lvl 1 :
    click both boxes quickly

    lvl 2 :
    shot the extra wood bars to make 532

    lvl 3 :
    try to pull the numbers , the ones that fall is the password numbers

    and if you followed every step right you will find yourselves a winner :D
    Credits: have a nice day ^___^

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