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    Created by turtlemonstr

      December 1, 2011, 11:14 pm
    Panda Tactical Sniper 2

    [You can't find ducks by hitting space bar and moving out of snipping]

    1.Basic Training:
    There are 4 targets. 1st one is in the middle, 2nd is near the right lampost, 3rd is near the left lampost, 4th is in between the middle and the right. The duck is on the bottom near the left lampost.

    [I rescued the bears from left to right]

    2.Mr. Brown:
    First, to get rid of the guard, hit the bolt holding him on the platform. Then hit the lever closest to the guard and then the one at the top. Finally hit the ladder and Mr. Brown is free. The duck is in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

    3.Mr. Black:
    Break both glass parts in the vent then radio to Panda. Hit the satellite and once the guard is outside, radio to Panda. Then hit the satellite again and radio to Panda for the last time. The duck is in the lower-left hand corner near the bed leg.

    4.Mr. White:
    Break both bottles outside to get the guard out there. Then seal the door by shooting it. Shoot the glass under Mr. White then shoot the rope that holds him. The duck is in the upper-left hand corner.

    5.Obstacle course:
    Help Mr. Black by shooting the wheels of the treadmill. Then go into the bushes and shoot the gear into place. Hit the red lever and stop it once it goes level with the other platforms. The duck is near the bush on the far left.

    6.Grand Theft Auto:
    Shoot the soda machine to get the guard thirsty and then once he goes into restroom, shoot the lock on the left side. Then shoot the lock holding the garage door down. Hit the green button on the car and then the blue thing stopping the wheel to get it into the truck. The duck is on the left side on top of the truck.

    Shoot the red light on the stop light to stall the taxi. Then time it so before the light turns green, shoot the sign so it crashes onto the taxi. That should be enough time for Mr. Black. The duck is in the upper-left, near the black smokestack on the building.

    8.Mission Impossible:
    Time it so that you radio to Panda right after the lasers disappear after the guard is gone. Then shoot the squares on the screen and repeat the first steps to get panda out. The duck is near the left chair leg.

    9.The Heist:
    Shoot the lasers in this order: Top right, the one left of that, the one left of that, the one that is slanting down in front of Panda, the top right and then the bottom right. After doing each step, radio to Panda. Then after Panda cracks the code, shoot of the top lid and radio to get the diamond. The duck is on the left side of the vent where Mr. Brown is.

    Shoot the painting in the middle top window to get the guard there. Then radio Panda. Then shoot the painting in the right window to get him to move back. Shoot the shutters so the second guard can't see you. Just time it so that Panda hops down when the camera is looking the other way. The duck is near the base of the far left tree.

    Shoot everything off the ladder, the bumper, the wheel, and the thing at the very bottom of the bus on the right side. Radio Panda so he can get a truck to hold the bus in place. Hit the lever on the truck then radio to Panda. The duck is in the bottom-right hand corner in between the two mountains.

    The End

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