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    Created by turtlemonstr

      December 5, 2011, 7:36 pm
    How to Raise a Dragon:

    [Color doesn't affect the game]

    1. Egg hatching:
    This is where you get to chose your color by eating different things. Once you eat and get the color you want (or don't eat and stay black) go as far as you can to the right and the wizard cages you.

    2. Learning Breath Powers:
    There are 4 breathing powers that you can get (Healing, Fire, Plant and No Power. To get powers, eat 4 of the things for the power you want. Healing: The four things are 3 potions (2 in the 2nd tower & 1 in the 3rd tower), and a clump of mushrooms in the well. You leave by healing the wizard. Fire: The four things are a candle (in the 2nd tower), the torch (in the well), the fire potion (in the 3rd tower), and the fireplace (at the bottom of the tower you start in. You leave by burning the hay at the bottom of the 3rd tower. Plant: The four things are all plants (1 on top of the 1st tower, 1 on the left of the 1st tower, 1 in between the 1st tower and the second, and 1 in the 2nd tower. You leave by using your breath on the tree to the left of the 1st tower and climb on it to get over the wall. No Power: Don't eat anything. You leave by going as far as you can down the well and going as far as you can right.

    3. Adult Dragon: This is where you decide your title and your behavior.
    Tyrant: Kill lots of people and stay at the castle in the town. Guardian: Help/don't do anything to the people and stay at the castle in the town. Scourge: Kill lots of people and stay at the cliff to the right of town. Watcher: Help/don't do anything to the people and stay at the cliff to the right of town.
    Healer: Use your healing breath to heal all the hurt people and animals. Don't heal dead people. Necromantic: Use your healing to kill/raise humans to make zombies. Fiery: Use your fire breath to make everything on fire. Fertile: Use your plant breath only on crops. Wild: Use your plant breath on everything. Rampaging: Kill, stop on, and eat lots of humans. Reclusive: Don't interact with humans.

    4. Human:
    To end the game, you have 5 endings to chose from. You can be friendly with a bad dragon. You can be friendly with a good dragon. You can kill the dragon and die at the same time. You can Kill the dragon. You can be killed by the dragon.

    [You can play the game many times to get all of the dragon's powers, their behaviors, and their titles and you can get all of the endings.]

    The End

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        on Feb 10, 2012 at 1:25 am | report
      how do you get the torch on the wall in the well?

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