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    Created by jvitor

      December 21, 2011, 4:41 pm
    The lake:
    1-click on the tree trunk, click on the trunk in water
    2-click on the frog, click the tree hole
    3-click the tree trunk broken, click the fishing rod
    4-click the meteor, click the visitor, click the fishing rod 5 times

    The port:
    1-click on the knob, click the apple
    2-click on the knob, click the hole next to the cat
    3-click in the shade next to the door, click the blue gear and then the yellow gear
    4-click in the butt cat, click on the handle

    The kitchen:
    1-click on the cover of the blender, click the orange
    2-click the blender

    Attention: Now you have to do everything very fast
    1-click on the cover of Blender
    2-click at the first drawer
    3-click on faucet the sink
    4-click the knife next to the plates
    5-click on the button next to the window, click on the visitor
    6-Click the light bulb, click on ventilation

    The fourth:
    1- click in ventilation, click on the fish
    2-click on the bird, click on the visitor
    3-click on the clothes, click on the bird
    4-click on the clothes, click the man who is on top
    5-click on the visitor, click the man

    The bathroom:
    Sad ending:
    No need to click anything

    Happy ending:
    1-click on the door, click on the bathtub faucet
    2-click the toilet paper, click on the toilet
    3-click on the flush handle, click on the cabinet to the right
    4-click the hairdryer, click the power outlet
    5-click on faucet the sink, click the sink
    6-click on gun inside the cabinet, click on the gun 5 times
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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