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    Created by Likwid_Games

      December 29, 2011, 10:17 pm
    1)Snipe the targets.
    2)Snipe the guy on the balcony.
    3)Wait for the guy to sit back, and then snipe them both with one shot.
    4)Wait for the door to open, then snipe the guy.
    5)Shoot the guy facing away from you. He's closest to you.
    6)Snipe the guard first, when the other guy's about halfway tot he car. Now snipe the other guy.
    7)Snipe the satellite. The guy will come to the roof, so snipe him.
    8)Snipe the politician.
    9)Snipe the power transformer, then the bottles, then the tree.
    Enjoy the credits.
    Credits: Likwid_Games

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