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    Created by akosibitoy

      August 6, 2010, 8:00 pm
    First Area:
    get the candle and the candle holder
    open the cabinet and get the dead fly
    fill the candle holder with water
    go right
    click pointy thingy in the upper right twice
    pick up the metal point and put it in the top of the broom
    click the top point of the broom
    get the blue gem
    put the candle holder with water to the mouse hole
    get the green gem
    go right
    put the dead fly in the spider web
    get the purple gem
    click the book hiding
    get the red gem
    go right
    get the sword hanging
    put the candle in the golden candle holder
    go left
    use the sword in the hole
    get the orange gem
    go left
    get the broken part of the lock
    go left
    use the broken part of the lock as a knob
    click the knob
    get the yellow gem
    go left
    put the gems in their right colors
    get the key
    unlock the door
    click the upper arrow

    second area:
    click the sitting part of the sofa
    get the pump
    go right
    get the dart
    pump the soccer ball
    get the soccer ball
    get the blue thingy in the mattress
    get the baseball
    go right
    get the pool stick
    click the tapes
    get the battery
    click the remote control
    get the red line of it
    put the battery
    click the red line again
    click the button
    click the down arrow
    pull the rope
    get the basketball
    go right
    shoot the ballon with the dart
    get the tennis ball
    move the book in the desk
    use the pool stick in the hole
    get the golfball
    go right
    put the balls in their right pedestals
    get the key
    go left
    unlock the door
    click the ladder

    third area:
    click the turkey pan
    get the turkey baster
    open the thing for switches
    click the switches
    go right
    get the laundry basket
    put the laundry in the right washer
    open the left washer
    get the laundry with your basket
    get the key
    go right
    get the broomstick holder
    remove the lid of the gas tank
    get the gas using your turkey baster
    go right
    plug the band saw
    click the band saw
    cut a small piece of your stick using the saw
    get the wrench
    go left
    remove the bolt with your wrench
    get the wheel
    go right
    put the wheel in the motor
    click the chain
    remove the lid and add gas
    put the small stick in the upper part of the motor
    click the small stick
    go right
    unlock the door with your key
    click the stairs

    Credits: Thank you for reading my walkthrough and have fun in Likwidgames(keep up the good work likwid) typer:Akosibitoy made the walkthrough:akosibitoy sponsor:Akosibitoy Inc.(not true) and this is completely original :)

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