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    Created by Sokki

      January 29, 2012, 5:41 pm
    Need Help with Hornets

    Get the hose
    Go right and get the shield
    Go left and use the sheild on the hornet
    Get the stinger
    Get the fire thistle
    Go right and use the stinger on the first round hole on the bottom of the tree trunk
    Get slingshot
    Go right and use the hose in the water
    Go right and get a rock
    Use the slingshot on the owl
    Use the hose to flood the tree
    Use the fire thistle in the flooded tree hole

    Tonic Salesman

    Mix P & G - Plant Growth
    Mix S & R - Shirt Remover
    Mix S & G - Shirt Growth
    Mix H & R - Hair Remover
    Mix H & G - Hair Growth
    Use Plant Growth on tomato
    Use Shirt Remover on the produce man
    Use Hair Remover on man's chest hair
    Use Hair Growth on man's head
    Use Head Lice Shampoo on man's hair
    Use Shirt Growth on man
    Use Hair Remover on man

    Danger Alert

    The land of Danricus is threatened by the approaching death slugs that Reemus and Liam must face!

    Get the seaweed
    Use the seaweed on the tree
    Click the tree to set the trap
    Go right and up to the top of the mountain
    Click the tree to break open a pod and get sap on your hand
    Go down and click the key to attract it
    Go to beach and use the key to open the chest
    Give the shepherds pie to the shepherd
    Get shepherds crook
    Go back to top of hill
    Click sheep to unchain it
    Use crook to get sheep to follow you
    Go back to beach and put crook in the metal ring
    Sheep will wait there
    Click on the death slug to attract it
    Get tiny slug

    Goliath Beetle

    Click Beetle to have Reemus punch it
    Punch beetle again to knock loose a plank
    Get piece of wood
    Use wood on fire bug
    Use torch on beach bombs
    Get little beetle
    Use little beetle on Goliath beetle
    Use the stick on the big boulder to roll it into the water
    Click the plank to lean it against the boulder
    Use wood to roll little rock towards the plank
    Use the curled up little beetle on the waterfall
    Punch Goliath again


    Go to the Online Submission and click the sign
    The acrobat quest is now available
    Get the chalk
    Use the chalk on the chalkboard
    While clown is distracted, open the chest and use the hair gel
    Go right and get the brown and red berries from the bush
    Go right and pick the red fruit
    Feed the fruit to the digesting fungus
    Use the brown berry with the red fruit goo
    Feed chalk to the digesting fungus
    Get another red fruit
    Go to clown tent and dip fruit in shot of alcohol
    Feed alcholic fruit to the bald bird
    Go right and click the old stump
    When the electric shock plant opens up, click it
    Go talk to the talent scout
    Once underground, get the coathanger
    Use the coathanger in the middle TV
    Click the far left TV antennae to it turns toward the middle
    Click the far right TV antennae to also turn it towards the middle
    Wait for the potatomen to fall asleep
    Learn the art of acrobatics!


    Go back to online submissions and click the line. You now have the choice to complete the game in one of three ways.

    Might and Magic

    Get HAIR GROWTH from tonic salesman
    Talk to Goliath Beetle
    Go to cliff
    Use HAIR GROWTH on Goliath
    Click Goliath to have him destroy the ship

    Mind and Magic

    Get shovel and dig the rock on the small island to get the stingers
    Get PLANT GROWTH from tonic salesman
    Use PLANT GROWTH on cannon plant
    Use Stingers in big cannon
    Fire the cannon

    Might and Mind

    Get stingers
    Talk to Goliath
    Use stingers on ship
    Click Goliath to have him destroy the ship

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        on Mar 3, 2012 at 1:41 pm | report
      Thanks, This really help out a lot! :D

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