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    Created by isabelle96

      March 24, 2012, 7:38 pm
    Level 1: Fluffies Furball

    Click on the cat and wait for it to meaw. Repeat two more times until it throws up the play button.

    Level 2: Weee!

    Pull down on the toilet paper fast to make it unroll.

    Level 3: Patchy Pirate

    Drag the pirates snot to his eye-patch, in order to make it sticky. Click on the eye-patch to make it stick to the bandanna. Click on the stiched up eye until it opens.

    Level 4: Windey Windey

    Rotate the levers until you make the play button.

    Level 5: Sushi Shuffle

    Click on all the sushi pieces in order to make them jump. The play button will be underneath the last sushi piece clicked.

    Level 6: Ready for Action

    Drag the hook, curved sword and the “X” bottle onto the pirate. Drag the rest of the equipment onto the ninja.

    Level 7: Sweet Dreams

    Click all of the sunrays to make them fall off, then click on the sun itself. Click on the bird to make it sleep.

    Level 8: Spinning Wheel

    Click all the fireworks to light them. The trick is to keep the mouse pointer in the same place and to do it quickly, as the wheel will start moving faster with each firework lit.

    Level 9: Painting Pipes

    Drop the ball inside the pipe marked with the black circle, then the white circle and the triangle last.

    Level 10: Slice it up

    Drag the knife side to side in order to slice the apple. When the knife disappears, grab the visible apple half and move it off to the side.

    Level 11: Windy Day

    Click on the clouds to stop the wind, so that the man can open his eyes. Break his glasses to make him take his hands of his hat, then toss the hat.

    Level 12: Switcheroo

    Ignore the middle hamster and switch the top middle with bottom middle, middle left with middle right, top left with bottom right and top right with bottom left.

    Level 13: Arrow Copter

    Click and hold in the play area, to make the arrow chopper move and push the crates to the ground. The choppers direction will change after each mouse release.

    Level 14: Rock and Roll

    Click quickly on the top right rock to make it roll away. Continue with the top left, then bottom right, middle and lastly the leftmost rock.

    Level 15: Every Which Way

    Drag the panels in the direction shown. Click the switch in the middle, to dim the lights. Drag the panels back, to see the arrows illuminated. Click on the buttons, to match the colors with the arrows.

    Level 16: Paper Pushing

    There are 3 pieces of card paper and the button is hidded in the top right corner. Drag all the paper in order to match up the holes in the top left.

    Level 17: Tunnel Ride

    Click fast on the train, to make it go into the tunnel. If your train doesn’t quite make it through, break the tunnel walls where you see cracks and keep clicking the train until it comes out on the other side.

    Level 18: See no evil...

    “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” goes the infamous phrase. Click the eyes on the first monkey, the ears on the second and the mouth on the third.

    Level 19: Tricky Timing

    Click when the platform disappears in order to jump on top of it. Continue jumping just after the plaforms turn see-through, to continue climbing.

    Level 20: What a Hoot

    Watch the order the owls close their eyes in. Open their eyes in the order they closed them.

    Level 21: Spare Change

    Click to jump and collect all the coins.

    Level 22: Moon Bumping

    Click fast on the rocket to make it fly. Keep going until you crash into the moon, and repeat until the window is cracked three times. your rocket will the fall and the window will fully break.

    Level 23: Searchlight
    Hold your mouse pointer over the searchligh and follow it until you find the play button.

    Level 24: Look Closer
    Grab the magnifying glass and find 13 pixel aliens hidden in the city. Don’t forget the alien by the text.

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        on Mar 31, 2012 at 2:51 pm | report
      At least credit the help page.

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