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    Created by trapjaw

      March 27, 2012, 7:54 pm the x
    2.wait till it gets to the middle then click poke all screws and the code is backwards highest x then click x in front of ball,yellow,green
    6.3120 x in front of the ball let it stop in front of the next x then quickly click the next x and move the net to catch the ball
    8.throw the ninja around to hit all blocks
    9.1133 second and third on top row then first on bottom then one in front of ball
    11.rapidly tap on bomb
    12.0819 1st 2nd 5th 8th block then swing ball clockwise and click end of chain
    14.match up ninjas
    16.slowly inch backwards with hammer and quickly click under low to high
    19.get ball in ramp by using swing and bowling ball
    20.find the three ninjas
    21.1213 1st then second x fast
    23.make 5 3 2

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