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    Created by HugoV

      April 8, 2012, 4:16 pm
    Level 2 ( level 1 was training, doesnt count) - Shoot the bolt on the plataform the guard is, shoot the lift in the liftfork, and then the lift on the crane cockpit,
    After Mr.Brown is trough shoot the ladder.

    Level 3 - Shoot the ventilator were panda is at, And then use the Walkie-Talkie, after he is in, shoot the ventilator thats on top of the Mr. Black's jail and use the Walkie talkie again, after they're out, shoot the satelitte again and the use the Walkie-Talkie.

    Level 4 - Shoot both bottles outside the iglo, after the guard goes outside, shoot the door, and then the rope thats holding the ice cube, after the shoot the floor wich the ice cube is.

    Level 5 - (Obstacle course) After the Brown and white panda are trough the running exercise shoot both white things in the end and start of the walking machines, after the 3 climb the stairs only mr white is going to be able to get trough, look down, on the machine room, and shoot the wheel that's in the air,
    then, start it on the lift, the plataform up should start moving, right when it's lined, shoot the lift again.

    Level 6 - Shoot a soda can in the 1st floor, and wait for the guard to -
    -Drink it
    -Go to the bathroom
    While he's in the bathroom shoot the pad lock thats on it and it locks the door.
    In the garage shoot the Lock and then the green button, after the car is up, shoot the Blue block thats holding it.

    Level 7 - Shoot the traffic light, when the taxi is stopped on it, shoot the announcement on top of it (Gray thingy on top of it) A triple X should be coming, when it arrives, shoot the cable holding the taxi.

    Level 8 - Use timing, wait for laser to disappear and use the Walkie talkie, to take him up, same thing

    Level 9 - Shoot the lasers like this : top right , the one next to it , the next one again, the one right in front of panda , top right again. after you're done, use the walkie talkie. After panda disables security on the diamond shoot of the top of the glass where the diamond is.

    Level 10 - Shoot the 2nd painting, use the walkie talkie, then shoot mona liza,
    use the walkie talkie, shoot the grey thing on the window of the 2nd guard,
    use the walkie talkie.

    Level 11 - Shoot everything off the ladder, the bumper, the wheel, and the thingy under the right side of the bus on th . Radio Panda so he can get a truck to hold the bus in place. Hit the lever on the truck then radio to Panda.

    CODES :

    2 BUILD
    3 JAIL
    4 ICE
    5 COURSE
    6 MINI
    7 PLANS
    10 ESCAPE
    11 CLIFF

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