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    Created by HugoV

      April 11, 2012, 1:41 pm
    Level 1 - Click to open parachute,
    Shoot one of the guys.
    Level 2 - Shoot the alone guy in the right window

    Level 3 - Shoot the guy on the left,
    After the rest 2 get behind the wall, shoot the string hanging the pile of
    Level 4 - 1st part - Shoot the guy on the 1st truck, and then the one in the
    second truck
    2nd part - Shoot the 2 guys one after another, than the one in the tower

    Level 5 - after the truck passes, shoot the electrical box, then the enemy in the

    Level 6 - Wait for him to shoot the guys in the tower then destroy the tank

    Level 7 - Shoot the guy thats speeking

    Level 8 - Shoot the running guy in the middle house then the on in the right and
    then the on in the left

    Level 9 - Kill the guy sitting on the plane

    Level 10 - Kill the three guys
    Part 2 - Kill the three guys ( Weird ;P)
    Part 3 - Kill the 2 guys up top, after that a running guy in the middle
    Shoot him.
    Part 4 - Click the door and shoot the guy.

    Level 11 - Shoot the guy in the far middle, theres a room with the light on.

    Level 12 - Shoot the left guy sitting, than the guy with green beret, after that kill
    the last guy.

    Level 13 - Shoot the guys on the left first, after that kill the guy managing the
    M50 Cal

    Level 14 - Shoot the three guys fast

    Level 15 - Kill the guys without mask first (One in the tank 1st)
    Then kill the guy with mask

    Level 16 - Kill the guy on the left balcony and then the left guy in the right

    Level 17 - Do as the general says : Kill ze Prisoners!


    The end :|

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