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    Created by Kivsa

      May 29, 2012, 10:34 am
    the first thing you need to do is turn off the alarm clock.
    keep walking down your room until you reach the wardore, space to get dressed.
    the next room will be the kitchen, first you will tell your wife good morning. then, when you reach it, space to turn off the TV. keep walking and talk to your wife. move to the next room, space to click the button and space to get to the lift. there is an old lady in, space to talk to her. she will tell you you have 5 more steps and you will be a new man. actually, there are 6 dreams to pass.
    now, here goes the 6 dreams (not by the order you should do them actually)
    [note that all instructions start you off out of the lift]

    1.a normal day. I warmly reccomend just walk around and do stuff normaly, space whenever you see something that can be used. it's not neccesary to finish the game though. can go normally towards the parking sign, but to get to this dream, walk the opposit direction, left. you will see a homeless guy, talk to him to get to the cemetary.

    3. Children, don't try this at home! if you followed my advice and had a normal day, you know that at your working place was an emergency exit sign. if you follow it, you will reach the balcony of the building, from it's ledge you can jump to your death. or atleast, the next dream...

    4. I admit, I discovered this one the first. do the same thing you did the normal day, just skip the dressing up part. I'm not kidding.

    5.this one took me a while to discover, nevertheless, it is still cute. instead of driving to work, just stop your car (space) and walk out of the screen. you'll see a cow, space to pet it.

    6. this one is really simple. when you get out of the car on your way to work, you'll see one leaf hanging on the tree about to fall. stand under it and when it falls, space to catch it.

    FYI, you can do some of the dreams at one round (the leaf, the cow and working nude or jumping to your death together)

    now you are a new person. or are you?..

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