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    Created by gaizenji

      July 20, 2012, 7:19 pm
    fist:click the bottle
    second:click the ash
    3 rd:click the bottle and click the counter top
    4th: click the ash and click the thug
    5fth: click the card
    6th: click the chain
    7th: click the knife
    8th: click the under couch
    9th: click the key to the window
    10th: click the gum under the window
    11th: click the ladder
    next:click the gum to the chain
    next:go inside the liquor building and click the forty and put it to the crack
    next:get out and click the crack
    next:give the forty to the bum and click the can
    next: go inside the liquor building and click the seltzer and talk to the clerk
    next: click the second sentence and click 6th sentence then go outside the building
    next:talk to the guy in the hood in the right
    next: click the second sentence and click any sentence
    next: and go to the left and click the trash can and you will have a bread combine it with the seltzer
    next:click the ladder and give the bread to the dove
    next: click the nest and go down the ladder click the hair pin and click the parking meter
    next:open the drain and go inside the sewer go in the hole and a crocodile will go out and outside the sewer and go to the alley
    next: use the knife to open the trash bag and go inside the sewer and click the wrench click the pie and go to the hole and put the burger under the hole and click the pipe to thecrocodile
    next: click the screw driver in the panel or click the coin to the panel
    next: and use the knife in the panel and click the panel and click the scrable piece and click it to the missing button and use the wrench to loosen the wheel and click the button and go in the the left side and click the chain with the gum and click the lighter and get out of ther and talk to the guy with the hood
    next: and go to the very left side and give the coins in the bus go in the hide out

    Credits: s

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