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    Created by MathManiac

      August 16, 2012, 7:06 pm
    Riddle Transfer Walkthrough in 50 Steps!

    1. Watch/Skip the Storyline.

    2. When you are done, click the toilet lid.

    3. Grab the Flusher Handle at the lower-center of the screen.

    4. Go back and click the TV at the top-right corner. Memorize the code above the shown keypad, then go back.

    5. Click the Flusher Handle in your HUD Inventory, and click the real keypad.

    6. Type the memorized code onto the keypad, then click the checkmark.

    7. Exit the Cell room then go to the Storage Room (The door with the crate on it).

    8. Click through all the notes at the back of the room until you find the Elevator Key.

    9. Go back to the main room and go through the room in the center.

    10. Grab the Communicator, left of Phil.

    11. Go back to the Main Room and go Left to the Elevator. Click the Elevator buttons.

    12. Insert the key in the Key Hole.

    13. Click the button B2 and go right.

    14. Go to the Room in the center. Inside is the Mock Ness Monster.

    15. Grab the Hose at the bottom-left corner.

    16. Click on the Communicator in your inventory then talk to the Loch Ness Monster. Ask him where he used to be. You

    should get a Power Room Card.

    17. Go Back to the Elevator and go to Floor 3. and go right.

    18. Go through the Red Door.

    19. Click these items in order: Hose in Inventory, Chloro-Fil, then the bucket near the Chloro-Fill.

    20. Go back to Floor 2 to the Goat-Man.

    21. Pick a flower nearest to the ladders.

    22. Go Back through the Elevator, to Floor 3 and then all the way right to find Zack Kelvin.

    23. Ask Zack what the cod to the door is, and follow them.

    24. Type the code into the keypad. and press the Check.

    25. Give Zack the Daisy. Because of his allergy, he will sneeze until the rope he is tied to will burn.

    26. Go back to the Main Room and into the Center Room to the Flying Pig.

    27. Use Zack to burn the wooden part of the Flying Pig's Cage (Click Zack's Head in his inventory to use it).

    28. Pick up the leftover feathers the Pig dropped.

    29. Go to the Elevator to go to Basement 1, then into the floor Main Room.

    30. You will find a locked door near a card reader. Use the card in your inventory to activate the card reader to go


    31. Go to the Pipeline Shifter and Solve the Puzzle.

    32. Use the Flusher Handle you have and use it as a flusher at the top-right corner and flush Messie down to Mock Mess

    Lake. Then, get out fo the Power Room.

    33. Before you go back to Basement 2, go through the room in the center of the creen to the Negotiable Snowman. Talk to

    Yeddy with the Animal Communicator. Talk to him about his hair.

    34. Go back to Basement 2 to Messie's Chamber, and get his hat.

    35. Combine the Hat with the Feathers in your inventory by clicking one and then the other. This will make a Feather Hat.

    36. Go to Floor One to the Main Room.

    37. Go through the Center Door to Bigtoe and give the creature the Feathered Hat. The Creature will give, in turn, a Key


    38. Go back to the Main Room and into the door to the right, finding Smiley Sundae. Ask her for her Hair Spray.

    39. Go to Basement 1 to the Negotiable Snowman's Chamber and give Yeddy the hair spray. He will give, in turn, a die for

    Smiley's Keypad.

    40. Go back to Floor 2 into Smiley Sundae's room and ask her for the code.

    41. Go to the Keypad and insert the Die where the '3' key needs to be. Type in the code and release Smiley.

    42. Go back to Basement 1 and go all the way to the right into Phred's Room.

    43. Insert the Keypad and type the code "51702".

    44. Free Phred and go back to Basement 2.

    45. Go All the Way to the Right to the Guard Door and talk to it. He should maltfunction.

    46. Go all the way to the Power Room and turn the Guard Door off when his mouth is open.

    47. Go through the Guard Door. This is where the Alien is at.

    48. After the Movie Clip, solve the puzzles that is needed to free the Alien.

    49. Go to Floor 1 to the Ship. The Alien will take the ship, and you and your friends need to find another way out.

    50. Go back to the Main Room and into the manhole.

    Yes, the end of the Game is a Walkthrough. You have to complete Riddle Transfer 2, and even that might be a walkthrough.

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