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 Post subject: castaway 2 review
PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:53 pm 

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ok so this will be my reiew of castaway 2. overall the game is very fun the music fits very well with what's going on in the game. the grafics are much better than the grafics of the first castaway, and you can tell since likwid cept the same grafics for castaway td.
although there were problems like how if you complete a quest befour getting it you can only complete it my making the item again. unless there was only one of the items in the game you can never fully complete the game.

so the game had
1) an aray of music that fits perfectly
2) great designs for you and your suroundings
3) an aray of bosse's, one for almost every tipe of creature
4) you can save online so you could continue where you left off on another computer.
5) now the premium is free, ill get into that next.

ok so when i first played the game you had to pay for the premium, wich was a pain since i dont have paypal. anywase now that the premium is free it ads a new aspect to the game.
the items included are
1) the ring of might
2) the sprint boots
3)the fortune medalian
4 2000 gold
5) arcane pin
6) ice shoos
7) the boomerang
8) a pixie monster egg

fist you can have all of these equiped at once including you armor exept for the bomerang. the ring of might increases mele damage, the ice shoos stop you from sliping on ice, the sprint boots make you faster, the fortune medalian doubles gold from enemies, the arcane pin gives you more magic, the boomerang has ten damage with he chance of stuning your enemy, and the pixi egg haches in 40 minutes.


gameplay 8/10

grafics 10/10

music 7/10

character 9/10

enemies 8/10

health per level 6/10

bosse's 10/10

story 7/10

quests 8/10

dialog 5/10

GAMEPLAY. the gameplay is good, even better if you have the sprint boots since you can get out of an area fast if you getting mobed, and you dont have to worry about your pet dying while you flee.

GRAFICS. the look and style of your character, pets, enemies, and surroundings all tif together in one nice little ackage. you dont have to worry about enemies being to big or looking strange. it just works.

MUSIC. i find that the music fits smoothly into the game. it makes it calm while beating those little kreeps senseless.

CHARACTER. the character looks good in all of the differend armor and you can find your own look which is nice. i even found one that resembles darth vader.

ENEMIES. these thing are pretty cool when you think about it. likwid went to no expense when he came up with these things.

HEALTH. i think it could have givven you more health poinnts per level because you really need them the further in you get. i did have to go back to the begining to save my life.

BOSSE"S. the bosses very in size, coler, health, and strength. as usuale they get stronger the deeper into the game you get. but they hve the same attacks as the smaller versions of themselfs. if they attacked differently it would be better.

STORY there wasnt much story besided the wild life is anoying as hell and is reking havoc across the island. andd in the end of the game you sale out to cach uo with the titans.

QUESTS. most are just killing mosters of different sizes. but you also make weapons, shields, and potions. the only problem is that if you do a quest befour getting it you will have to do it again.

DIALOGE. i think that there should be more dialoge in the castaway games. this is because the game just feels lonley. there's no way of knowing which way to go. so yes there should have been more characters.

overall i would give the game a 78/100 this is because there was things that just wern;t taken into acount. likwid please dont get mad at me but that's just what it is.

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 Post subject: Re: castaway 2 review
PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:01 pm 

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Congrats alex for your first review! :D

You did a good job but I think, you could do it better. To express what I think of each review, I'll make some +/- lists :3

+ Listing, explaining and weighing of ALL the problems
+ Fair and easy to understand pointing system
+ Each paragraph providing much information

- Not always clean English, disturbing fluent read. Don't be too lazy to capitalize! Also, it's Graphics not Grafics.
- No game link provided
- Boring layout, no colors used

3 pluses vs 3 minuses. Maybe you want to update your review one day? :)

All in all, not the best review yet, but still, a pretty long one. You shall be getting the second RPs ever given! :)

P.S.: Resulting from that, you're ranked #2 on the highscore list now :P


-> Castaway Island TD Discussion | -> Castaway 3 Fans Wishlist Thread

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 Post subject: Castaway 2 Review
PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:23 pm 

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All right. I have played the game to about half way or so. I love the game, it is fun and engaging enough that I keep playing despite certain bugs and glitches. The art is fun without being baby's first adventure. The music is good and not too repetitive. Game mechanics are strong and fairly solid.

The above mentioned issues I have run into are:

Periodically, as I am crafting, I will have to refresh the screen, which set me back to the last soft save. This would not be a big problem if it was one or two items after a screen transition, but when crafting mats for clearing up space after a big run, having to repeat 20 minutes worth of crafting different times is a bit much. As you craft, it does its visual dance, then you have a success or fail screen with an ok button. This is where it will hang. I push the button and nothing happens. Wait a few moments and try again, still nothing. I then have to refresh the browser screen. My work around is to port back to Bastion and after a few crafts, hard save at the Inn.

Next, there are some alignment issues that are currently annoying. If a bush can block my forward motion and I swing at it, that should clear it. I can hit a monster that is slightly off, but not a bush. This may seem like a trifle, but when you are trying to get away from a bad guy or get at an ore deposit, it gets tedious to constantly have to adjust umpteen times to deal with it.

A perk I would like to see is like in Castaway, where you used the mouse to interact with enemies instead of the space bar. I liked that better. Especially for the flying eyeballs that move more than a country line dancer. Using a mouse click instead of a space bar while you are trying to move and use abilities and cast magic would be much simpler. That is a lot for one hand to do at one time.

Finally, there have been a few times that I have had to refresh the browser when I could not move. I was not stunned, there were no stars above either sprite, once i was being attacked, the other time, I was not. It would not register my keyboard input, but I could use my mouse to hit the spells and heals I had on the quick list.

As near as i can tell, it is overall stability that need the most attention. I am playing this on armor games. See link.

I hope this report helps the developers to improve the game and helps in the development of other games in future.

 Post subject: Re: castaway 2 review
PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:26 am 

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Woah, thats a good kinda review. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Likwid is inactive from this site which also means hes on fixing bugs. For those bugs try using a different browser or a different site (like us :D ).

I eat Evil Cheese for breakfast. :)

If we all meant to pop out of bed, we would live in toasters.

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