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Suggestion for Mini Heroes
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Author:  Megathosto [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 7:29 am ]
Post subject:  Suggestion for Mini Heroes

I got this from thread at Kongregate

-Fix small bug to make people stay
-A way to sort the inventory.
-A way to sort your spells, or have separate spell tabs for each type of magic.
-A way to play without a pet.
-A way to trade directly.
-A way to repeat the same attack method again without messing with the whole menu every time.
-splitting the workshop into repairs and crafts or repairs could give exp into crafting based on how much durability is missing
-although capacity increases when you lvl up. maybe increase the max cap for earlier lvls. gets annoying when 1 dungeon makes you overweight when you’re a low level
-Fullscreen option would be awesome.
-Snakes as monster(thunder snakes)
-Better tools with more durablity.
-Upgradeable pet capacity until 8/10
-AP regen and MP regen at the beginning of the turn so AP drain equipment wont be that powerful in duels
-Tips or Help when player click sigil at home.Better than just a statue.
-Daily quest or weekly boss raid/quest.(Give some golds and keys)
-make something that ghost can do while waiting.
-Survival Battle maybe..
- Alchemy is near useless: fruits are hard to get, and people don’t use nor need potions since there are healing skills for the players, pets who can heal great amounts of HP and MP regen skills for mages. And the damage potion is totally useless. Since crafting is a big plus point in the game, it would be awesome if you devs can make alchemy a thing.
-Official Website where we can play Mini Heroes there and there is ranking of top player such as PvP win.
- Chat filters: Player chat and System chat. The chat is very annoying when you are talking with a party member while fighting in a dungeon.
-monthly or seasons event.

Author:  Megathosto [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 7:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Suggestion for Mini Heroes

and also
-fix potion bug.Potion can't be use sometimes.
-Delete all notification
-Select all item to sell/delete before sell/delete it all.Example: click delete button then you can choose what item you want to delete then you can click confirm. This is better than deleting one by one.
-combine all server and just make game server.So player still able to change server and meets friends wherever they play.
-In Duel bug. player can get confusion/blind/ignition if the player equips armor with confusion%/blind% /ignition% and use healing skill or buff skill.This need to be fix.
-Put news/update board so players will know what happen to mini heroes.

Author:  Megathosto [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Suggestion for Mini Heroes

also the thin shells, it increase resistant to poison, could you change it resistant to debuff since not many monster have poison spell. the percentage should be lower since it will be too powerful if it reached 100%.

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