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    Created by Kiyomori

      November 1, 2012, 4:14 pm
    Good ending is the hardest.
    It's easy to get past first crabs, last is difficult.
    You need to get on edge of that pit and when crab will be on the other side of pit, you carefully fall in it, then go past this crab and jump out of pit.

    Spoiler warning!

    In other 5 endings you kill the crab.
    You say it was an accident, then, after jail, you go to your girlfriend and she forgives you.
    You killed poor guy on purpose and get into jail for long time.
    When you get out your girlfriend dumps you. Only cat still like you.
    You killed crab on purpose. When you get out of jail, you've destroyed crab's memorial. Your girlfriend dumps you and your cat too. You're forever alone.
    In court you jump out of the box and get right into the window.
    You ran away.
    In court you jump on lustre and then killed the Judje.
    Electric chair awaits you.

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