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    Created by Tamotsu

      March 2, 2013, 1:52 pm
    1. go forward (click on phone for further information)
    2. click on sewer to obtain “penny” and “brick” below the FISH sign on the sidewalk
    3. TWO WAYS: (A) use “brick” on key pad (B) use “penny” key pad and click on red wires in key pad
    4. click on lock
    5. (click on JOURNAL on the ground for further information)
    6. click on answering machine on desk and play messages (remember the numbers on desk: ANN 555-7238; HATTER 555-8880) use phone on for the numbers
    7. go back and click on phone for message again
    8. go back and forward toward the CITY
    9. collect “pipe” to the right
    10. go to the right and talk with SMOKING MAN until you trade “penny” for “mushroom”
    11. TWO WAYS: (A) use “mushroom” on drink and go away and come back (B) use “pipe” on them
    12. put “pipe” in dumpster after you try to go in DOOR
    13. click on PHONE for new message
    14. go to the right into BATHROOM use number 555-4513 on mirror (if doesn’t show go to left twice and turn on thermostat to the highest then go back to BATHROOM)
    15. go left twice and click on bottom of RED SLOT MACHINE and click on 1 in 1 for quickest way
    16. go back to BATHROOM and click on third to the right stall (click on PHONE )
    17. go to the right and click on TUBEVATOR then click on phone
    18. (A) 1st one moves from game to game…either on table in lab, on a table in main room of nightclub, under the door of the first stall, or on the table near the bouncers (maybe elsewhere too) (B) 2nd one in dumpster (C) 3rd one SMOKING MAN has it
    19. go back to lab and click on right then use all “videos” on the VHS
    20. go to TUBEVATOR then click on PHONE for message then go back to BATHROOM for “gun” in drawer below sink
    21. go back to TUBEVATOR and click on PHONE
    22. just go directly into TUBEVATOR and wait for bonus scene after credits

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