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    Created by Tamotsu

      March 2, 2013, 2:30 pm
    1. click on PLANE
    2. click on the 1st TRAM
    3. click on 1st ninja near you, click on “lever” near ROCKET then click on “tip of ROCEKT” to knock off “ninja” trying to fix lever
    4. click on “cliff” closest to you
    5. (remember combination on tower: AII CIII BI) click on “light”, click on “water”, climb “tower”, use combination shown earlier, click on MOTOCYLCE
    6. click on “ladder” near you, click on “lever” then “wheel”; click “pole” nearest you, click “pipe” in the middle of two pipes
    7. click MOTORCYCLE
    8. click on “top of RAMP” then click on “lever” near MONSTER, click MOTORCYCLE
    9. click RAMP, then click on “ninja” near water, then click the next “ninja” trying to help the “floating ninja”, click on chest twice on 1st FLOOR
    10. click on BOXES then click on next floor and the next
    11. click on the next floor and again…quickly click on SATELLITE then keep clicking on “fat man” until he rolls off the LEDGE
    12. click on “post” on the LEDGE (triangle = 2; square = 3; circle = 1) the combination of shapes must be the same as the ones of the right after that click on lever to the right
    13. click on LADDER to the left and then the “lever”, then the LADDER, then the PLATFORM, then the FISH…click the HOLE beneath the plane and water
    14. click on “lever” on the bottom of water then the HOLE on the left
    15. click on “lever” on the bottom 3 times…then the “cone” then the “shield” which is next to you
    16. click on “lever” on the bottom 3 more times…then the “cone” to go through the HOLE
    17. click on MACHINE below you and use the numbers (E = 6, I = 1, C = 3, N = 4, A = 2, H = 7, M = 5) to type in machine by slot order (5237146)
    18. click on left
    19. click the “lever” on the bottom and then go up
    20. click on “wheel” to the left before the LADDER
    21. click on PLANE
    22. click on bolts on the left side twice, then the PLANE, then the HOLE created by PLANE

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