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    Created by Jakethebaws

      May 12, 2013, 7:10 pm
    Medium Level

    1. Grab a egg rifle, first get ur turret spot. Add in a cubman
    2. Since a storm is going, wait for it to be over. Add in 3 cubmans.
    3. When they all die add 1 more
    4.Add new turret spot and cubman
    5.When troops start attacking your base add 5 cubmans
    6.Use your metiorite skill after 3 seconds.
    7. They evolved :o
    8.Get dino hut upgrade train one.
    9.You should be around 725 base hp. When the dino dies add in a speedy dino
    10 when speedy dino dies add in 3 cubman
    11. Evolve when u can
    12. After evolving add in 3sword spartan
    13.Add in assult spartan when 2 sword spartan die.
    14. When they all die, add in 3 assult spartans.
    15. Get the armored spartan upgrade. Spawn 3 of them.
    16. sell your egg catapult thing when the opponent evolves, replace with 2 guard
    17. Add 2 armored spartan
    18. Evolve when you can
    19. When your final spartan dies add in 3 Anubis Warriors
    20 when your first dies add 3 more
    21 Wait from here.
    22 when they all die get 3 more
    23. when the first dies, sell your guards and replace with big birds
    24. Quickly add in 1 more Anubis warriors
    25. After it dies use your Rage spell thing
    26. Spawn as many Kopesh warriors as you can after it goes away.
    27. When only 1 is alive spawn in 4 Anubis Warriors
    28. When all die, add in 5 Kopesh Warriors
    29. Envolve to the next age :D
    30. Spawn 3 Griffon Knights
    31. While the griffon knights are fighting replace your TOP big bird into a metal catapult
    32. Increase infantry damage 1 upgrade while last griffon is fighting
    33. Get library upgrade just after that.
    34 When griffon knight dies, spawn 2 footmen then a mage.
    35. When the enemy's arrow spell is over add in a griffon knight then a mage
    36. When the mage dies add in 1 footman then a mage
    37.When all die add in 2 archers and a footman
    38. Replace your final big bird with a metal catapult
    39. When your footman dies add in a mage
    40. When your mage dies, add in 2 more
    41. After THEY die add in a archer then a footman
    42 After THEEEY die add in the same people in the same order
    43. When the archer has 25% health left add in the same thing in the REVERSE order
    44. When the archer dies, evolve.
    45. Add in a knight.
    46. Replace 1 metal catapult with a large cannon, the BOTTOM one
    47 When your knight dies add 3 SwordMen
    48 When you get 4000 gold replace your final catapult with a large cannon
    49 Just before your swordman dies get the cannon unit upgrade and add 2 cannons
    50 when the opponents spell is over add in 2 swordmen
    51 when the final swordman dies add in a cannon
    52 Add a swordman then a rifleman
    53 When they all die, add in a knight
    54. Evolve
    55. When your knight has 10% health left sell all your turrets
    56 Get a double rocket launcher turret and a single
    57 Get a machine gun guy and a grenade thrower
    58 When the machine gunner dies get the tank upgrade
    59 when your grenader has 50% health left get a tank going
    60 While your tank is pwning sell your single rocket launcher then add in a grenade thrower
    61 get a double rocket launcher
    62 Place a tank when the opponents aircraft finishes dropping bombs
    63 when it dies get 3 infanitry dudes
    64 When they all die get a tank going
    65 when tank has 55% health left get 2 infanitry dudes
    66 When they die get 3 machine dudes going
    67 When 2 die get a grenade dude then tank going
    68 when the tank has 35% hp left get 3 infanitry guys and a grenade launcher
    69 Evolve when your opponent does
    70 upgrade 1 more turret space
    71 get the armored space dude going (In the rest of this tutorial i will call it a Mortal Kombatter, and the strongest dude a Mortal Comebacker for fun)
    72 Sell all your turrets when the mortal kombatter has 70% hp left get 1 of the heavy plasma cannons
    73 When the mortal kombatter dies get 3 mad scientests and another mortal kombatter
    74 If you blinked you'd be like what the heck because your opponent used a spell.
    75 add in a spider blade then a Mortal Kombatter
    76When your Mortal Kombatter dies get a new one
    77 When you can get a heavy plasma turret
    78 When your mortal kombatter dies get a spider blade
    79 When you have enough get a mortal kombatter
    80 When it dies use your spell
    81 Wait... Just Wait...
    82 Wait about 10 seconds and get a Mad Scientist
    83 Get the Power Coil Upgrade
    84 Get 2 Spider Blades
    85 When the final one has 10% hp left get a Mortal Kombatter
    86 When it dies use your spell
    87 When it finishes get a cyborg
    88 Wait until i tell you to do something.
    89 When the huge wave is done get 5 MORTAL KOMBATTARZ
    90 When they die, get a heavy plasma cannon
    91 wait for the huge wave to go away
    92 Get 3 spider blades and a mad scientist
    93 Wait for the huge wave to go away
    94 Get a turret spot then wait for the next 2 waves to go away
    95 Get 1 Mortal Kombatter
    96 A few seconds after it dies use your spell
    97When possible use your spell
    98Get 1 Mortal kombatter and a spiderblade
    99 Get your final heavy plasma cannon and wait until you can get a Mortal COMEBACKER and when you can use your spell,
    100. Your On Your Own. 30% chance of win. I reccomend use your mortal comebacker. Or save more... Your Choice
    Thanks for watching my 100
    Credits: MEEEE(Jakethebaws) and personuhpoizon from and minecraft itself

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:


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