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    Created by Dareon

      October 6, 2013, 12:08 am
    Hello everyone. This is Dareon giving you a step by step walkthrough of the game "Escape the Witch House." I encourage everyone to attempt this game without using the walkthrough but, for those of you who are stumped on a part or maybe you're in a hurry because reality is beaconing, I have provided a means to complete this game. So do continue reading and I hope you enjoy my walkthrough.

    Step 1: Upon enter the game you arrive in a room with a clock, television, book cases, four chairs etc. At the bottom of the screen click the table and pick up the blue pen. If you hover over the new item with your mouse in the inventory at the very bottom of the screen it will read what it is. In this case it is a pen. Click it and examine it closer. Click the pen clip for your inventory. Hit the red X at the top right of the screen and then the grey bouncing arrow at the bottom of the screen to continue on your new journey.

    Step 2: In the same room on the far right side of the screen is a gramophone. Click it into your inventory.

    Step 3: Click the left shelf in the room and pick up the bobby pin and the clock key. Take the key from your inventory and you guessed it, place the key on the left side of the clock to wind it and BAM! Out pops a little yellow cuckoo bird who drops a key. Pick it up and continue on your merry way.

    Step 4: Take the newly acquired key and place it in the drawer on the left side of the room. The draw opens and pick up the wooden spider and the wooden jelly fish. Weird. What could these be for....?

    Step 5: In the same room on the top left wall pick up the wooden bat. Another one..?!

    Step 6: Now you're done with the first room. Continue into the next room by clicking the bouncing grey arrow on the right. In the second room you notice a bright green screw driver on the book shelf and pick it up. Remember that Gramophone from earlier? click on it in your inventory and use your new green toy to open it. What could it be?!

    Step 7: A Magnet?! is that all?! lol Take the magnet and combine it with the rope that you find on the right side of the room for a new gizmo. How about that?! :)

    Step 8: On the right side of the room near the rope pick up the wooden brain in the skull on the book shelf. Why are they made of wood..?

    Step 9: Continue to the third room to your right and now you'll be in what look like a witches' lair. BWAHAHAHA!!

    Step 10: On the left shelves grab the zombie brain, spider venom, jelly fish tentacles, vampire bat dust, and dragon wings. Phew! What a mouth full!

    Step 11: on the right side of the room grab the knife and the wooden dragon off the table. Wait a sec!.. Im seeing a pattern here...

    Step 12: Oh Look! A pretty game on the right side of the wall! Reminds me of an old school Simon game. The object of this puzzle is to align all the colors up with its same hue. For example: all the oranges on the bottom left, all the greens at the top left, etc. for purple and red. You get the point. This unlocks a small door and then reveals a small round blue button press it and Swoosh! It reveals....

    Step 13: A book?! What is it, a book of shadows?! lol Maybe click the book and flip through the pages until it reveals a hidden, fancy key to add to your inventory.

    Step 14: Go back into the second room and use the fancy key on the locked box. Here you obtain a sproket. Just what you've always wanted.

    Step 15: This part gets a little tedious. Go into your inventory and use the knife on all five of the glass jars. and then place them all back into your inventory for a little bit later. (Yes, I know you have to click the red x every single time you cut a jar open. That's why its tedious.) hehe

    Step 16: Return to the third room and click on the mysterious blue crystal gazing ball. And then dump all five of the wooden objects onto it. Shakey shake!

    Step 17: Each of the five jars contents combined with the blue crystal gazing ball reveals a symbol. Pick up all five of them for your inventory.

    Step 18: Youre doing so good! Keep it up! click the locked cabinets on the left side of the room. click the bobby pin and make it open then use the warped bobby pin and the pen clip to open the lock. (Now don't you just feel like a criminal?) The door opens for a sproket. All that for another lousy sproket?! Oh well.

    Step 19: Carry on into the next and final room. Looks like a dungeon. Click the wooden vent at the bottom of the screen and use your magnet on a rope to obtain a... you guessed it. Another stinkin sproket. Who knew?!

    Step 20: ON the right wall you will find a interesting puzzle. There are three kinds of symbols. Witches hat, pumpkin, and bat. The object is to get one of each of the three symbols in each of the larger circles. The door slides open and you get your fourth sproket. Oh goody goody gundromps.

    Step 21: Click on the brown chest with a pink dot and five symbols on it. Place the five symbols from your inventory on it and Shazaam! Your fifth and final sproket. I can taste freedom! Your getting close to the end so stay focused.

    Step 22: Onto the last portion. Use your screw driver on the two panels on both sides of the prison bar door and then use the sprokets in the areas they fit. (AHA! It all makes sense..)

    Step 23: Finally! Last move. Pull the lever and youre home FREE! Congrats you finished the game. I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough as much as I did making it. Feel free to tell me what you think of it. :) Until next time. -Dareon

    Credits: Lil ol me :) Dareon

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