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    Created by Unitedilose

      October 26, 2013, 12:14 pm
    Ex = Example(I use examples on the puzzles that are hard to explain)

    Lvl 1: Dummy Filter: Anwser = True

    Boxes: Pick up both boxes. The box with the number 7 is the door you enter.

    Riddle: Riddle Anwser = Moon

    The Eye!: The Eye is triggered by movement. Move slowly by tapping the arrow key on your keyboard a few times. When the eye opens stop moving to prevent it from spotting you. When it closes continue moving in small steps. If you run it will catch you automaticaly.

    Your place in the world: The middle number (x,y) changes based on where you walk. Walk to the last door number 13,1 when you enter the number in the middle should read 13,1.

    Lvl 2 Button Plays: Press the 3rd Button

    Color Combination: The triangles go in order by the color displayed on the middle screen: 1st panel:Green
    2nd Panel:Blue
    3rd Panel:Purple
    4th Panel:Orange

    Train:The train will pass by each light and light it up. Anwser: Yellow,Red,Yellow,Red. Enter the 3rd door down

    Funny Floor:When you walk in the floor under you will light up. Turn the floor til the light gray line is lined up with the door. You must walk on the line in order to to keep the door open. If you walk on the panel and it lights up the door will close.

    Brick By Brick:The Panels will display a box being drawn together line by line. You must line it up so that the lines show a fully drawn box. It should start with 1 line then the panel after it should have 2 lines drawn then 3 lines and so on til the box is complete with 4 lines.

    Lvl 3 Rules:You just move to the end of chess board then enter the door way with the Rook on it (Looks like a castle)

    Tape Examining: Walk across the panels with the blue diamonds then enter the door with the blue diamond above it.

    Examine Details:Look at the lil letter in the lower right hand corner of each panel they go in order from A-E. Enter the code in the order of the letters from A-E based on the number shown on that tile.
    Ex: Number: 4,7,9,2,5
    Letters: a,b,c,d,e
    Panel 4a,7b,9c,2d,5e
    Security Code:4,7,9,2,5

    Hidden Number:Subtract the Highest Number from the 2nd highest number and you should get 13. Enter the door with the 13 on it.

    Lets Be Friends:Spell out the word Unity with the tiles. Enter the door with the 1(Unity means as one which is why you enter the door with the 1 on it)

    Lvl 4:Tales:It tells a story based on the door you enter the doors in this order of the panel pictures: 3,1,2,4

    Connection: Setup the pictues as a food chain. Grass,Grasshopper,Frog,Snake,Eagle

    Time is everything:Enter the door when the number above the door matches the number on the clock. The hour hand will glow green when it matches up (Note:you can enter any door as long as it matches the clock)

    Inside Beauty:The panels will light up when sitting in front of the white laser revealing the letter F,O,U,R. enter the door with the 4 circles on it.

    Damn Bugs!: Refresh your browsers page.

    Lvl 5:Dancing Triangles: The triangles will flash in pairs of 2. It will do that 2 times then the pink triangle will flash by its self.Enter the door with the pink triangle.

    Whole Lotta Numbers:The number will flash a certain color. Look for the number 24 and it should flash light blue. Enter the door with the light blue 24 on it.

    Squares Puzzle:The black question mark square on the board will show you what row the correct panel is enter the door with the purple square panel on it.

    Line by Line:Step on the buttons to change where the line appears on the panel. The line must go from the thinnest line to the thickest line.
    1 2 3

    4 5

    The 1-5 represents the layout of the buttons press the button in this order: 3,2,1,4,5

    Astronomy Adventures: Look at the paper and will show you 4 constellations only 2 of them will appear on the panel with the 4 constellations but only 2 of the panel constellations will appear in the scope.
    Enter the door with the Cygnus constellation (the one that looks like a cross)

    Lvl 6:Floor Drawings:The floor will display a bunch of letters with different color bubbles. Step on the first panel and you will see that the light blue N line doesnt enter one of the doors it bends and goes back to the N into the door with the light blue N on it. Enter that door. (This one is kind of hard to explain so sorry if it doesnt make much sense)

    Think Outside The Room:You must walk up to the terminal witht the "?" and skip the room. Reload your page and enter the room named "Smells Good" Turn off the laser by clicking it with your mouse then press the left arrow key to exit the room(Note: You are invisibe so you can see where your going its easier to just walkin press the laser switch then leave to prevent yourself from getting stuck)

    Smells Good:You are invisble so its going to be a little tricky. Move to the bottom button and slowly tap the arrow key til you press the button.Once you've pressed the button slowly move toward the box little by little and press the space bar til you pick up the box.Once the box is in hand step on the bottom button (the one you steped on to get to the box) and you will see 4 food items. Step on the top button and you will se numbers above the door. Enter the door with the 3.14 marked on it since thats the number for pi

    Road of Truth:Step on the button at the bottom right then retun to the begging of the path. You will notice the patern on the panel screen matches the path.Walk along the entire outsdie of the path then cross the bridge when you get to it.

    Glass of Disguise:Stand behind the 2nd panel of glass and it should reveal all the same color shapes shown on the door. You will notice that the yellow cirle with a green background is the only one with out a matching color. Everyting else matches either a shapes color or a backgrounds color except green. Enter the door with the yellow circle.

    Thats the end of the game hope this helped anyone that was stuck ^^

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