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    Created by Unitedilose

      October 28, 2013, 5:25 pm
    Lvl 1:Shoot him as he run up to the house
    LVl 2:Kill the blue guy first then the red guy
    Lvl 3:2nd floor winod inthe far right
    Lvl 4:Middle guy with no glasses
    Lvl 5:Shoot the branch right when he runs under it
    Lvl 6:Shoot the guy in glasses when he stops infront of the client
    Lvl 7:Gut wack + Baton Smack + Swing the light (repeat in order)
    Lvl 8: 1:Behind the tree
    2:In the house window next to the tree
    3:In the house far right window
    4:On the roof
    5:By th truck
    Lvl 9:Kill them both as soon as they walk out the door
    Lvl 10:Shoot the kit string. Pop the volleyball. Shoot the top of his knee.
    Lvl 11:Gut wack + Baton + Lemon + Lamp (repeat in order)
    Lvl 12:Kill the guy in the bush to the right
    Lvl 13:Shoot his leg when he sits down(Table at the top right)
    Lvl 14:Shoot the string holding the lamp when no waiters are under it
    Lvl 15:Shoot the wolf when it appears from the right of the screen
    Lvl 16:Hes at the table with the pink blue and green chips
    Lvl 17: Gut Smack + Baton + Electricty + Lamp Swing (repeat in order but dont use the electricty to much it will kill him)
    Lvl 18:Shoot the brown pipe and the guy next to it.Shoot the guy on the below him but wait for te guy inside to turn his back then shoot him. Shoot the guy in the building on the right. Shoot the strings on the tower then shoot the guy still on the roof after the other one falls.
    Lvl 19:Shoot all 6.(Note one of them is in the window at the bottom pay attention to his nuzzle flash then aim above it)
    Lvl 20:Wait for the guy outsideto walk in when he raises his gun shoot him.
    Lvl 21:Keep using the light swing til the car breaks(Dont know if its the same for the heavy swing)
    Lvl 22:Shoot the guy when he falls to the ground
    Lvl 23:Stop him when he reaches the middle in between 3rd and 4th window from the bottom up
    Lvl 24:Kill tthem all
    Lvl 25:Wait til the boats go backwards and you get a closer shoot at the targets(Try to line up the cursor with head and time your shoots.

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