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    Created by blackrose123

      May 19, 2014, 1:40 pm
    First click on the upper left hand corner of the carpet and there will be a note with 7 lines. The 6th will be circled, remember this. Also click on the right side of the cage door and you'll get a pick of some sort. Turn around in the kennel and you'll see a red ball. Open it and there's a key inside, click the key. Use the key on the lock and it will break; that's okay. Keep turning and in the right hand corner of the kennel there are scratches that give a code. The numbers are 2, 5, and 3. Click on the rug and there will be a small box with a code needed to open it. Use the numbers that are marked on the kennel. It opens up and there's a screwdriver, use that on the lock of the kennel. Once again your plan will fail and the screwdriver is thrown out of your reach.

    Remember the note with the lines? Turn until you see the door on your left side side and then click on the 6th bar. It will break and the cat will pop out its head and the other bars have yellow marks on them. Remember where the marks are because this is how you break the lock. Turn so that the door is now on your right side and click the slits of the cage wall. You'll see a coin, use the pick on it and you'll get the coin. Use the coin on the bottom of the lock and then click it.

    You're almost home free! This is where the yellow lines come into play. Use their placement to pick the lock. First one is down all the way, the second stays, the third goes down once and the last goes up all they way. Congrats you've picked the lock and can now eat your cat food. Have Fun!

    Credits: I did this myself by playing through.

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