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    Created by Dareon

      November 22, 2014, 8:28 pm
    Hello Everyone and welcome to the game Onomastica 2. Once the game has loaded on your screen you should see Onoma stick and three rainbow bars below. Hover over the first one and it should morph into the words "start game." So click it and lets begin...

    Step One: The game begins by showing us a scenic country side with some nice mountains and trees in the background. In the foreground, there is a house and you the main character is hiding inside. In this game, you can use either the arrow keys or the W,A, and D buttons to move the character, your choice. Start by moving the little sunburned business man toward the right following the yellow road.

    Step 2: Almost Immediately you will run up to the words "RUN AND JUMP." Use the Up arrow or the W button to gracefully bounce over each word and continue on your way.

    Step 3: Pass through the mini forest and jump on the red word "TREE" and then hop up onto each of the gradual growing letters of "TREE" so that you progress to the next step. (Don't fret if you fall down a few times because I know I sure did. Just keep trying till you get it.)

    Step 4: Continue on through a slightly bigger forest until you emerge on the other side. Hey! There is that yellow path again. Jump over the red "UP" word and then continue till you see the word lower and a red "F" block sitting on top of it. What could that be about? Go over to the "ABC" word and jump on the A to get to the top of the R. Then push the red F left until the block falls and OMGosh you spelled the word "FLOWER." Nice Job.

    Step 5: Soon the word "Wait" appears on the top of the screen and a sunflower sprouts into a full fledged bean stalk? Too weird. Now jump up the leaves of the new stalk.

    Step 6: Where are we?! Cloud world. Reminds me of mario lol Jump onto the cloud words and you immediately notice they start to sink. Im not that heavy, am I?! But don't you worry. Press the up arrow key fast repetitively to cause the clouds to slowly rise again so that you can jump onto the ones you need to get on. There are probably eight or nine of those cloud words you jump onto until a mountain appears and you hop into a cave.

    Step 7: Run through the cave, until you enter a room. Hop over the word "Rock" and then jump onto the word "OLD". Wait a second.. Did that letter just move? Yes, those cracks in the letter make the letter weak. Jump up and down until the letter gives way for you.

    Step 8: Run through the dark cave hallway until you reach another one of the mountain's rooms. This one has a troll? Yikes! Good think he just has a staring problem and isn't hostile. Run down the room until you reach the word pen and jump up on the three different ledges. The third one is next to the troll's left eye. Push his multi faceted eyeball down and then proceed to push his eye over to the word you saw earlier, "PEN" becomes "OPEN" which raises the cast iron gate. Nifty huh?

    Step 9: Were almost done. Jump over "OPEN" and continue until you reach "Believe." What do you mean believe?! There in front of you is a ledge which leads into what looks like a pit or open air. Follow your instincts and jump or run off the cliff into a new word "BRIDGE" that helps you cross the great divide. Phew. I thought we were a goner for a second.

    Step 10: Run past the waterfall and then in and out the dark hallway. Then you have another set of three tricky cliffs to hop from and attempt to avoiding falling to a "ROCKy" death. Hehe

    Step 11: You run up to the word "TURBAN" and "STOP." You notice the letters B and A are cracked like one of the words from before. So you can jump on them until they disintegrate and your left with a bunch of letters. Push the "N" into the other letters making a new word "TURN." Which is what your whole world is about to do! Turn UP-Side Wards!

    Step 12: Hopefully your not motion sick from the change in scenery. Lets press on with our adventure. Continue behind the waterfall and over the word "ROCK" and the math "5+4=9" and your stuck again. Hmmm what to do? Oh I know! Jump up on the + sign and make it a x instead. Oh look! It became "5X4=20. Sweet! Now jump up on the newly reachable ledge and into the cave hallway...

    Step 13: (Breathe a sigh of relief.) You remerge outside in the warm sunlight. Jump over the "UP" sign and run past the "DAY AND KNIGHT" words until you reach the "TREE" word. Jump on top of the K in knight and vanquish it into...

    Step 14: The darkness? Hey! Who turned out the lights?! The new red light casts a eery feeling and you think to yourself this better not turn into a horror game. You run until you reach a word "LAST." Well that can't be good. I hope this isn't the last word my little sunburn man ever sees... You jump onto the word and suddenly a big "B" appears in the mountain and you push it until it forms the word "BLAST."

    Step 15: Well that weird. Look. Those letters are now floating by themselves. Use them as ledges and jump over to a new area with the word "EARTHQUAKE" shaking back and forth. And as you approach it begins falling letter by letter out of the sky. I swear this is turning into a horror game.

    Step 16: Jump past each letter until finally you reach the word "EXIT" You made it! So, you run through the word until you pop out at the end, err... is it just the beginning..?

    Hey All! Thanks for taking the time out of your day and reading my walkthrough. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it for you. Any and all comments are appreciated. Until next time, this is Dareon. Happy Gaming!
    Credits: Ya that's me! Dareon : ) Hope you enjoyed it.

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