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    Created by surajdatta

      December 5, 2014, 6:37 am
    Sift Heads World : Bloody Newcomer

    Storyline :
    Vinnie and his gang are after Alonzo, the new leader of the Italian mafia in Chicago!



    The Exterminator

    (You must kill everyone in the Mafia HQ) Click and enter the door of the Italian Mafia HQ and kill the first guard.
    Enter the two rooms on each side and kill the guards.
    Come back and move forward and kill the two guards in the stairs.
    Move up the stairs and forward to the hallway with two doors and kill the guard.
    Enter the first door to your right and kill the guard.
    Enter the double doors. (If you killed everyone you should see an animation sequence and a phone call with Shorty)
    Head to the bar.
    Once inside go left past the guy drinking at the bar.
    (One of Black Fox’s men is sitting at a table) Talk to him
    (He will kick the table and run out of the bar) Shoot him in the leg after he jumps over the fence. Do not shoot him in the head.
    Brutal Response

    Go to the Slum Building between the gun shop and the clothing store.
    Enter the building and head up to the second floor.
    Keep going up and enter the room to the left.
    Click on the window and use your binoculars to scan and find your target, near the top left-hand corner of the screen. He will be walking in the alley. (After you have successfully found your target you will see an animation sequence where your character punches the target)
    (Interrogation) Use the W A S D keys to get information out of the target.
    Rolling Info

    Head to the slum buildings north of town, next to the hotel.
    (This mission consists of racing against one of Black Fox’s racers to get information) Talk to one of the racers to challenge them to a race.
    Press W A S D when appropriate to win the race.

    Fox Hunting
    (If you went back to your safe house the Black Fox should have called you and told you to meet him in the slum buildings north of town, next to the hotel. Make sure you have enough munitions here because you will need to kill a few enemies.) Enter the alley and kill the two enemies.
    Go up the stairs in front of you and kill the enemy at the top.
    Walk past this target by clicking on the bottom left of the screen and kill the two men.
    Keep going up the stairs on the left and kill the three enemies.
    Enter the room ahead of you. (There will be an animation sequence with the Black Fox)
    Exit the slum building and wait for Black Fox to call you telling you that Alonzo is in Palermo Italy. (This location will now be unlocked in your map.)

    Modern Slavery

    (For this mission you should equip yourself with a weapon of precision, such as a sniper gun, assault rifle or handgun. If you do not have one of these in your inventory you can always go back to your safe house to change your weapon or buy some new ones in the gun shop.) Use your vehicle and head to Palermo Italy on the map.
    (You will arrive in Palermo by boat) Walk to your bottom left and again to your left. (You should see a parked car)
    Enter the middle building, and head up the stairs.
    (By this time the Black Fox should have called you to tell you to find Cosima, a rural girl.) Keep going up the stairs to the last floor and enter the room.
    Click on the balcony door to begin the mission.
    Look in the opposite building and shoot the man having adult affair with the girl. Do not shoot the girl, as this is Cosima.
    Shoot the two guards that appear in the top and bottom windows.
    Head back downstairs and walk out of the building. (There will be an animation sequence where you talk to Cosima.)

    Ticket for the Ride

    (You should now be in front of an alley with a stop sign) Go forward, into the alley, direction of the Market.
    Keep going straight and enter the Church.
    Go up the stairs on the left and enter the door at the top.
    Click on the window to begin your mission
    Equip your weapon and wait for the truck to pull up.
    Shoot the delivery man when he walks out of the truck. (Once you killed the delivery guy it should have loaded your last mission)

    Blood and Wine

    (You will take the delivery truck and head to the vineyard.) Enter the Vineyard through the basement and shoot the first guard.
    Go forward and kill the two men in the cellar.
    Shoot at the cracked barrel until it breaks open and reveals a passage.
    Take the passage and go up the stairs, where you will have to kill three men.
    Go forward into the room ahead and shoot the two guards here.
    Go up the stairs and kill the last two men at the top.
    Go into the first door to the left and click on the tape recorder.
    Before walking out, grab the key card on the desk. (This will allow you to open the locked room in the basement.)
    Go back downstairs to the basement, past the cellar and click on the door.
    You will find proof of Alonzo’s illegal activities) Click on the money to activate the animation sequence.

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Dec 10, 2018 at 11:05 pm | report
      Everybody played Slope game slopex at school lmao


        on Dec 30, 2014 at 2:02 pm | report
      Hey man, how much i appriciate you for making a walkthough. I have to ask Likwid to delete one of the sift head world: act 1 walkthoughs. You made 2 of em. and i gues that's unnesecery ;)

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