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    Created by Pietro195

      August 19, 2010, 9:32 am
    First scene – Car
    - Big leaf on the ground to the right.
    - Small sticks above the right stones.
    - Rope in the right big tree .
    (A roof is built).
    - Take the bent stick in front of the car.
    Go into the car and click on the stone by the front wheel.

    Second scene – Water
    - A small stone on the ground.
    - String from the dark green leaf.
    Click on the green leaf by the word “smart” in upper left corner.
    Get things from the flower.
    Climb up the rocks and fly across the water.

    Third scene – Ants
    - A long grey string/plant to the right.
    - Small stone on the ground.
    - Safety pin in the grass.
    Climb up the light green plant to bend it.
    Click on the plant a few more times to use your contraption and lift the ants.
    Walk out of the scene.

    Fourth scene – Big bird
    - Stick to the right of you.
    - Red berrie in the bush.
    Click on the small light brown plant just to the left of the left claw of the bird foot.
    Click on the stone in front of the bird foot.
    The bird dies, and you can walk on.

    Fifth scene – Butterfly
    - A stick from under the left side of the flower leaves.
    - A stone under the right side of the flower leaves.
    - A blue thing on the ground.
    - A small plant to the left in the grass.
    - A ball from the yellow “plant” to the far left in the scene.
    Click on the wasp inside the flower.
    Click on the flower again to cut it with the blue thing.
    Click on the flower one more time and wait for the butterfly to give you a ride.

    Sixth scene – Spider
    - Part of the spider web in the lower right corner.
    - A stick from the left side of you.
    - A leaf above your head.
    - An acorn to the left of where the branch you stand on ends.
    Click on the bug to throw the acorn and make the spider come.
    Click on the left side of the screen to build a bridge.
    Walk away.

    Seventh scene – Eggs
    - The root above your head.
    Click on the root to the left to climb down.
    - The two blue eggs (don’t touch the green egg!)
    - The strings in the lower right corner (click above your head).
    Click on the insects in the holes to use the blue eggs.
    - Four bones
    - Two roots to the left of the left “egg-insect”.
    - A stick (between the insects).
    Click in the corridor up to the big insect (above/between the “egg-insects”).
    Click on the bones to climb up.
    Enjoy the ride!

    Eighth scene – Blue flowers
    - Yellow pollen to the left on the flower.
    - Purple leaf to the right on the flower.
    - String above your head.
    Click to go to the middle plant.
    - String to the left of you.
    Click on the blue flower to go there.
    - The white ball.
    Click on the sun rays above/to the right of you.

    Home Sweet Home!

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