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    Created by Dareon

      September 12, 2010, 4:18 am
    Step 1: On the first screen near the tree grab the ladder for your inventory.
    2:Walk past the chicken shack, past the magic shop and grandmas house and proceed to the top right path to where the hare and tortoise are. Pick up the finish sign and place it behind the tortoise. Compliment the tortoise's "nice shell" and add it to your inventory for later.
    3: Walk back to the previos screen past grandmas house and head top left past to where the big bad wolf is taking a snooze. Grab the shell and place it in the hole in the tree to knock the wolf out. Walk over to the bag and pick it up and open it revealing its contents. Then take the newly discovered rope and tie the wolf up. Then pick the wolf up and add him to your inventory. Then proceed to the left and walk over to the leprachaun. He asks you to guess his name and all the answers are wrong. Just pick one so you can continue with the game.
    4:Next head back to the grandmas house screen and take the bottom right path that leads to the three lil piggys. present to them the harmless wolf and trade it for the muffin.
    5: Head back to grandmas house but this time go inside and give her lil red riddin hood back and trade for the empty water sprinkler.
    6:Mozzy back on over to the bottom left path where you see the water trough, fill up your water can sprinkler and once again go back to the grandmas house screen and choose the top right path again heading past the happy turtle until you stand in front of a heart cottage. Pick up the hidden key at the bottom left side and unlock the door. Walk inside and sprinkle sleeping beauty with water. talk to her and find out the green goblin leprachaun is named juanito now go back and confront the guy and call him out by his name. He disappears and you grab the cat.
    7:now head to the magic shop take the two beans and head back to the first screen you started on with the sign, along the way fill up your sprinkler with water, also walk into the chicken shack and pick up the rope, saw, and stick hook. Place one of the magic beans on the red x mark, then water it with your sprinkler. Wow! A magic bean stock, start climbing.
    8: Ascend to the clouds and walk through the crack in the door. combine the saw and stick hook, then combine the hook with rope. Finally take the hook rope and through it at the bread on the table and climb it. Once on the table avoid the chips!! Walk the long way around the bread and grab the chicken and head back to the chicken shack.
    9: When you arrive in the shack place the chicken on the nest, take the ladder from your inventory and place it in front of the window. close the door and ascend the ladder and close the window for a little longer then five seconds. Open the door and look at that a golden egg! Grab it and give it to the magic shop owner and claim all those fun looking prizes.
    10: now combine the cat with the sword, hat, and boots, Look its Pussnboots :) Head back top left path to where a flute is hanging by a tree branch. through puss up there and claim the flute.
    11: Now take the bottom right path past the lil piggies and find the candy house from hansel and gretel. knock on the door and get invited in. Whoops! Should had known it'd be a trap! Grab the rag on the floor and dust off your magic Lamp! Look its a Genie! Ask to get out of the pit and then have your sweet revenge. sneak up behind the witch and select the fist to push her in the oven. Good Job! Walk over to the mouse hole and look inside to see the mouse and key to unlocking pinocchio's cage. Use your flute on the mouse and grab the key from the mouse. then grab pino and head out to the right.
    12: Now there is two parts of broken ladders and a cliff. Place pinocchio in front and talk to him till his nose is long enough to cross.
    13: And the finale: Finally! lol combine the muffin and the bean and place it on the window seal around the back of the log cabin. The witch can hardly with stand it and eats the muffin turing into a bean stock yay! you rescued the Fairy of Tales!! Congrats :) Thanks for reading my review.

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        on Oct 4, 2013 at 10:35 am | report


        on Sep 17, 2010 at 12:15 pm | report
      Guys you do know that 10/10 is like 100/100 or 1000/1000


        on Sep 12, 2010 at 5:09 am | report
      Awesome walkthrough Dareon :) You're good at this, the text it so amazing to read because of your expression words: wow, woops, look its pussnboots :)

      I have only few things to say that will make this walkthrough even better:
      - Empty rows between the steps
      - Empty space after a step number and the capitalize the first letter. (on some you've forgotten to do this)
      - "you rescued the Fairy of Tales!! Congrats :) Thanks for reading my review." should be in two separate sentences, won't they?

      Credits its empty.. I assume you've done this walkthrough by yourself, but you could write something there, something that you will use only for your walkthroughs :)

      Even with these critics, I would gave 5 out of 5 or 10 out of 10 to your walkthrough Dareon :D
      Keep up the good work!

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