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    Created by Sokki

      September 18, 2010, 8:10 am
    Especially for LikwidGames here is it:

    1. Move forward to go in town. When you enter in town you'll receive a text message on your phone.
    1.1 Below the big Fish banner there are some orange fish drawn on the wall. Below that there is a brick, Click on it to take it.
    1.2 Just below where you took the brick, there is a sewer canalization. Click on it, to take a penny.
    1.3 Click on the Front door of your home. Use your penny on the electric devise to open it. Notice the 3 red wires? Cut them by clicking on them. Use your Brick to break up the locker. You are inside.

    2. Notice the book in front of the sitting chair? Open it. Inside with red letters, is written the password of your briefcase.
    2. Click on your answering machine and listen to the 2 left messages. Remember those two numbers that are written on a yellow paper, to call Ann and Hatter. Leave your home. Go in center of town.

    3. You are in a dead end valley. Notice the green Exit door? Below it you'll find a metal pipe. Take it. Go Left.

    4. Talk with the stoned monster to purchase a mushroom from him. Give him the shiny (penny) to receive your mushroom. Go Back, then go Right.

    5. Before you there are two thugs, club doorman.
    - Put the mushroom in their drinks.
    - Use the Metal pipe on them. Try to go inside the club. You can't cause of the metal pipe. Go Back into the alley.
    5.1 Throw the Metal pipe in the garbage box. Go Right again and Enter the club.

    6. You'll receive another message. Read it. Move Left inside the clubs kitchen.

    7. Click on the Cooling Control and set the temperature on 90 F degrees. Win at least one game on the slot machine. You can cheat by clicking on the black area below the slot machine, where you will setup the winning chances 1:1. Remember you need to win at least one game. Go Back twice, stage scene. Go Right in the Rest room.
    7.1 On the mirror there is a number [555 4513] written on it. Call it. You' hear: Access granted! Click on the doors of the WC rooms. Go into the 3th one (right) and enter in the Secret Lab.

    8. Once you are down in the Secret Lab, go Right and try to use the TUBeVATOR (elevator). You'll receive a text message related about finding some tapes. Go Back once to be in the center of the Secret Lab. Move Right. Its pitch dark there, and while at you'll receive another text message from the same sender. Go Back twice to be in the Rest room once again.

    9. Start looking the tapes.
    9.1 The first tape, it can be:
    - On the table in the Secret Lab,
    - On the floor inside the Rest room,
    - On a Table in the Main Room of the club,
    - Under the Door of the first Stall,
    - On the Table near the Thugs,
    - On top of the Refrigerator in the club's kitchen, or maybe on some other place...
    9.2 The second tape is inside the garbage box (where you throw your metal pipe.
    9.3 The third and last tape can be find at the stoned creature which sell you the mushroom.

    10. Go Back into the Secret Lab. Go Left inside the dark room.
    10.1 Watch all tapes, Drag and Drop them (one by one) onto the TV screen (somewhere on middle-top of the screen). Go Back, then Right where the TUBeVATOR is.

    11. You'll receive a text message in which is said that you need to find Ann's gift in order to use the TUBeVATOR. Go Back inside the Rest Room.

    12. Below the mirror, there are some drawers. Click on some of them to find and take the gun. Go Back into the Secret Lab.

    13. Use the TUBeVATOR and meet the Queen!

    Congratulations, you've completed the game! Sadly the Queen killed you...
    Credits: My, myself and LikwidGames :)

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Sep 24, 2010 at 11:12 pm | report
      where is the black thing in the slot machine!?!?!

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