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    Created by Serpent9

      October 2, 2010, 10:23 pm
    (This is my suggestion how to win). This game is mostly poping, but a stratagy like this helps. Start with upgrading your dart throwing first, then get plasma tentacles. Upgrade your plasma tentacles again, then get boomerangs. Upgrade your darts again then, and upgrade your plasma tentacles to 4. Continue in this pattern, or save your power blops for your own strategies. (Read the hints on the bottom before starting to buy upgrades).

    Inportant tips:
    -If you're about to get the fiery plasma tentacles, get 7000 power blops to buy the first firey plasma tentacles upgrade and second (If you're on the jungle level or more, having 4 plasma tentacles to suddently 1 firey tentacle will drasticly lower your popage and cause game over, so buy two).
    -Getting smart missles at a late time like at the lava level is bad, you'll need to catch up alot on the missle upgrades.
    -Always get the dart upgrade if you have the chance (even if it takes away all your power blops.

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