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    Created by Sokki

      June 7, 2010, 12:48 pm
    Especialy for LikwidGames here is it:

    1. Below the stone there is a Triangular Mirror. Take it.

    2. From the boat, take the Rope and Anchor and use them on the broken Tree. Climb Up.

    3. When you reach to the top of the hill, there is a stone figure. Explore it. Move Left.

    4. Climb on top of the stairs and take the blue Crowbar. On the wall of the first stairs there is a carved place with one image on it and button below. Remember the image, and select it from the Stone Figure.
    You will be able to open it and see a Horn placed in it. Take the horn. Move Left.

    5. Use the Crowbar to open the wooden box. There is a Square Mirror, take it. Move Left.

    6. There is a Monster made of stone. Attach the horn to it. Move the monster hands to be faced down and his eyes will start to burn.
    On the left wall there is an Old Torch, take that and ignite it from the Monster's eyes. Meanwhile a door is open. Move Down.

    7. Click with the Dying Torch on the right spot (near the entrance) of the wall so that the room will be enlighten.
    Notice the 4 Square stones, you can move them up/down. Move Down.

    8. Click with the Dying Torch on the right spot (near the entrance) and enlighten this room too. On the front wall there is some square scheme. Remember the Scheme. Below the fire spot there are 6 Circles Scheme with
    horizontal or vertical lines on it. Remember that Scheme too. Move Left (in the door below the stairs)

    9. Click with the Dying Torch on the right spot (near the entrance) and enlighten this room too. In the corner there is a mystic Staff, take it. Move the big Stone (where from a ghostly
    hand comes out) twice. There will be a circle mirror, take it.
    On the left wall there is a note CAMP with symbols for each letter. On the front wall there is another note containing the letters CAMP and the symbols.
    Use logic and find the 4 digit code. Move Right

    10. Move right and enter the room with flying numbered stones. Use the code and press those stones in the right combination. A road will appear. Move Right.

    11. On the wall there is 6 piece puzzle. Try to solve it so that a hidden blue Gem appear, take the gem.
    Below the puzzle there is a note V?? H??. Remember that note.

    12. Move back where there were the 4 Square Stones and adjust them like they were in the Stone Scheme, a door to Left will open. Move Left.

    13. Place the mystic Staff in the Middle of the room. Some kind of mask is placed on the left wall. On the front wall there is Circle with Line in it. Move Up

    14. There is another mask on the wall right and 3 Circles with lines in it. Move Up.

    15. Attach the blue Gem on top of the Room. There are two masks (on each wall) and 2 Circles with lines it. Move Up

    16. There are 3 stones that hide the Rectangular Mirror, take it. There is a telescope there also. Use the information from the note with V?? H??, and insert the right coordinates. A hidden buttons will appear. Look through the telescope, there should be 3 stone totems.
    Memorize the image of each totem and use them in the telescope. The circle will open and light will come through.

    17. Go back and allying all 6 Circles to be the same as they were on the Circle Scheme and place all 4 Mirrors in the right mask. The structure that hold the mystic staff will collapse and a cellar door will open. Move Down.Move Top

    18. Click with the Dying Torch on the right spot (near the entrance) and enlighten the room. Don't worry, there isn't anything scary there. On the right wall there is a puzzle switch. Solve the puzzle by spelling the word TOTA horizontally. A door will open. Move Left.

    19. Click with the Dying Torch on the right spot (near the entrance) and enlighten the room. Use the Crowbar on the crack circled on the back wall. Hit it 3 times and then collect the heart artifact.
    Use the heart artifact on the chest of the TOTA sculpture, this will turn it into a diamond called the HEAR OF TOTA. Take it. Move Back.

    20. Now you just need to exit the tomb. You'll will use the Crowbar once more on your way out.

    Congratulations you've find the Heart of Tota and Escaped the tomb!

    There are 100 hidden coins, while playing try to find them all.

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