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    Created by hitman0210

      October 13, 2010, 8:54 am
    1.Select the character you wish to play with
    2.Explore the safe house and head to the far left.
    3.Kiro will call Black Fox to find out who was responsible for this
    4.Shoot the two guys in the car, who were posted next to the Safe House. Be quick before they get away.
    5.(A van will pull up with more men) Shoot them all.
    1.(The team will be in Tokyo in front of the Yakuza tower rooftop)
    2.Click on the Barrett to activate this mission.
    3.Shoot the 3 cameras that can potentially spot you.
    4.Blow out the electricity on the rooftop and quickly shoot the two guards inside the security room.
    5.Then shoot the two remaining guards on the roof.
    1.Once you are on the rooftop of the Yakuza building select a weapon and slide down with the rope.
    2.(You will slide down past two windows) Shoot all the guards in the third window.
    3.Once inside the building walk into the room to the left of the screen.
    4.Pick up the key card that is on the desk.
    5.Walk out, go to the right and kill the guards in front of the elevator.
    6.Take the hallway to the right of the elevator and kill the other guard in front of the restricted area.
    7.The key card will open this door.
    8.Shoot the two guards in this room and click on the computer screen to acquire the info.
    9.Once you have obtained the information walk out and shoot the two guards that will come out of the elevator.
    10.Enter the elevator.
    11.Once downstairs go right and shoot the two men beside the cars.
    12.Tip: (If you keep going right you will see an area to plant some C4 on the building's foundation. But once you plant the C4 to the column of the building you will have 30 seconds to get out. We suggest you turn back now before planting the C4 and kill all the guards on this level first. This will give you enough time to get out easily.)
    13.Once you've planted the C4, go left, past the elevator and to the far end of the hallway.
    14.Take the door and go up the stairs.
    15.Walk out the building and watch it blow up!
    1.Go to Hilo, Hawaii to talk to Black Fox where you will obtain information about a shipment in Tokyo.
    2.Now go to the port in Tokyo.
    3.When you click on the stairs leading to the port you will investigate the area with your binoculars and discover the boat is leaving.
    4.(You will have 60 seconds to reach the cargo boat)
    5.Walk down the stairs and go straight behind the containers.
    6.Shoot the three men here and keep going straight.
    7.Shoot the man running and the one on top of the container.
    8.Turn left and shoot all the men here (You can reload on weapons and health before doing so, next to the containers on the right)
    9.Jump over the fence to your left
    10.Shoot the two men here and take the ladder.
    11.Once at the top go right and shoot all the men.
    12.Go to the far left, then go down the ladder.
    13.(If you were fast enough you should see the boat leaving) Click on the rope ladder on the boat to jump on board and complete the mission.
    1.Once on the boat you can reload and recharge your health.
    2.Go through the hallway ahead of you and shoot the two men.
    3.Keep going through the hallways of the boat and kill any men that you encounter.
    4.(You will reach the conductor's cabin with the steering wheel) Click on it to steer the boat back to the port.
    1.Go to Tokyo, Japan and inspect Location #1
    2.To complete this mission shoot all the men outside and inside the location and inspect every room.
    1.Go to Palermo, Italy and inspect Location #2
    2.Shoot all the men outside and inside and inspect every room to complete this mission.
    1.(You're starting to suspect a trap) Go back to Hilo, Hawaii to talk to Black Fox.
    2.(You will notice that a shooting took place at the Resort and that he is injured)
    3.Shoot all the men that come after you.
    4.(Once they are all dead, one will throw you a grenade)
    5.Click on W,A,S or D when it tells you to, to avoid the grenade and throw it back.
    1.(You will need to find a good place to snipe the Commissionner but first you need a Sniper gun with a silencer)
    2.Make sure you have a sniper gun and go see Darwin in Chicago, who will give you a silencer.
    3.Head to the slum building in Chicago and go up to the top floor.
    4.Click on the window to activate the sniping mission.
    5.Wait for the commissioner to walk out and shoot him when he is immobile.

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