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    Created by pinoy-friends

      October 19, 2010, 1:17 am
    Level 01: Click on the gingerbread man until he’s all eaten.
    Level 02: Click the top-left and top-right matchsticks to create a down arrow.
    Level 03: Remember the color of the dudes pants or shirt (there’s only one of each color). Click him when prompted.
    Level 04: The answer is “TENOR”.
    Level 05: Connect the middle line first, then go around.
    Level 06: The answer is “4″.
    Level 07: Collect the small bubbles by clicking to where you want your bubble to go, but be careful not to pop on the rocks!
    Level 08: The answer is “BOW TIE”.
    Level 09: On the bottom alarm clock, make both hands face left and click on the mouth to change it from happy to sad.
    Level 10: Click and drag the screen following the footprints. Once you find the ninja, click continue.
    Level 11: The frames go in this order – 1. “Arrrr! Prepare to …” 2. “Alright! I will …” 3. “… for we all …” 4. “Here lies …”
    Level 12: The answer is “RED SEA”.
    Level 13: The code is “3210″.
    Level 14: Drag the plane, bus, taxi, and person into the monsters mouth.
    Level 15: Remove the top two matchsticks to create a heart shape, then take the two matchsticks on the inside of the shape.
    Level 16: The pattern will be one of these …
    oxo xxo xox oxx
    xxx oxx xxx xxo
    xox xxo oxo oxx
    Remember the correct pattern and click it when prompted.
    Level 17: The answer is “ICICLE”.
    Level 18: Start at the bottom and go straight up, then connect the rest of the shape.
    Level 19: Click on the “+” to change it to an “x”, then click “1″.
    Level 20: Collect the small bubbles by clicking to where you want your bubble to go, but be careful not to pop on the rocks!
    Level 21: The answer is “ICE CUBE”.
    Level 22: Click on the bottom shapes until you have (from top to bottom) – yellow, red, green and blue;
    Level 23: Find a monster with 4 up-facing teeth and only 5 spots, then find it’s twin.
    Level 24: The frames go in this order – 1. “Dude, do you …” 2. “Heck yeah! …” 3. “We could go …” 4. “I’m cold.”
    Level 25: The answer is “APPLE PIE”.
    Level 26: Find the clickable book in the library (a hand cursor will appear when you run over it), then click it. Click the button behind the bookcase, then the button above it and the first button to the left;
    Level 27: Drag the rock onto the window. Pick up the cop and put him on the chimney. Click the chimney.
    Level 28: Remove 8 matchsticks to spell the word “TWO”.
    Level 29: Click the dice in the following order – lower right, lower left, middle, upper left, bottom and upper right.
    Level 30: The answer is “LION KING”.
    Level 31: Start in the bottom right and go straight to the top left. Now go across to the left and straight down to the bottom right. Finish by going all the way around.
    Level 32: There are 20 boxes. Click the 20 in the message at the bottom.
    Level 33: Collect the small bubbles by clicking to where you want your bubble to go, but be careful not to pop on the rocks!
    Level 34: The answer is “SIX FEET UNDER”.
    Level 35: Click the eyes so they are facing up, the mouth so it’s sad, both arms up and leave the nose facing down.
    Level 36: The loner can be either the “shuriken, “key”, “heart” or the “clock”.
    Level 37: The frames go in this order – 1. “Tree hugger, tree” 2. Hugging 3. Tree suffocated 4. “I’m sorry, but the tree …”
    Level 38: The answer is “ONCE UPON A TIME”.
    Level 39: The number on the pics correspond with the number on the buttons. Now, look at the picture clues – 1. “LEFT” (left foot) 2. “UP” (cloud is up) 3. “RIGHT” (tick is right) 4. “DOWN” (boy is sad/down).
    Well done, you’ve won … with help
    Credits: by pinoy-friends

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Nov 20, 2010 at 2:56 pm | report
      perfect walk through! ;]


        on Oct 28, 2010 at 10:26 am | report
      Great walkthrough!

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