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    Created by RaymartBelza

      June 2, 2010, 4:07 am
    Twin Escape Walkthrough

    • Start by clicking play, read the instructions.
    • Start by switching to Timmy, click on the shelf to the left to slide it aside and reveal a button. Click the button to change it green. Switch back to Lilly.
    • Lift the sofa cushions and collect the playing card. Turn left and open the cabinet with the green light (You just turned the light green from the room Timmy is in). Take the gold key, turn and head out through the door.
    • Click on the coin slot on the machine to retrieve a quarter.
    • Use the gold key to unlock the door straight ahead. Enter into the door and then turn around.
    • Lilly doesn’t like water and won’t take the water bucket so switch to Timmy and Pick up the water bucket and then switch back to Lilly.
    • Go left (Down the stairs) put the quarter into the machine and then click the slot to receive your prize.. You will get a balloon, head back and you will be upstairs again, fill the balloon with helium from the tank.
    • Head back again and attach the balloon to the string that is on the big Die on the floor. It will lift up revealing another card, take the card and then switch to Timmy.
    • Head down stairs and then head left through the door. Open the doors under the soda fountain and take the water handle (Lilly won’t know what this is). Turn right and then exit through the door. Notice the rainbow painted on the wall, head straight through the door.
    • Notice the donkey poster, you can take his tail but let Lilly take this later. Head through the door. You will see a large tube with something inside with some water, a hole next to the pipe. Turn left attach the water handle to the water faucet and then fill your bucket with water then turn left and dump the water into the hole, the water level in the tube will rise. Repeat until the water level is all the way to the top, then take the grass ball from the water and turn left once more.
    • Place the grass ball into the center of the table, click on the box on the wall. Change the buttons to replicate the rainbow you seen earlier- first button is “Orange” second button “Green” third button indigo and the light at the top will change green. Click back and you will have a rose that grew out of your grass ball. Timmy is allergic to the flower so switch to Lilly and then take the rose.
    • Leave the room and then turn around and take the tail from the donkey and then turn again and head through the next door and then head straight and then through the next door and you will end up in the pink room (Kitchen).
    • Place the rose into the vase and a bee will come in and drop off a silver key, take the silver key.
    • Turn left and notice the panel on the wall with a tiny hole, use the tail from the donkey and stick it into the hole, the sign to the right will raise up to reveal a safe. We will come back to this in a few minutes. Head through the door.
    • In the green room, turn left and then click on the controller next to the popcorn cart, notice it needs a silver key, insert the silver key and then press the down button on the control panel. Click back and then turn left. The movie screen has dropped down, take the card that is attached to it. Then turn left and enter into the door, then turn left again and click on the safe.
    • Use the order from the pictures on the wall from earlier, hearts, spades, diamonds. The first slot is where you put the 3 of hearts, second slot 5 of spades and the last slot the ace of diamonds.
    • After the cards have been placed, click on the wheel to open the safe and reveal a rainbow key. Take the key to the front door (next to the die) and then use the key to unlock the door and leave, now you switch to the other character and they must make it out the door also.
    • Congratulations! You made it out as a team!

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