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    Created by akosibitoy

      June 10, 2010, 12:43 am
    walkthrough for tactical assasin 2
    Mission One:Training
    -Engage at least 3 out of 6 targets.
    -If you miss more than 3 targets, you fail.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings: $1,800 (All 6 Targets Engaged)

    Mission Two:A New Trust
    -Primary Objectives: Assassinate the militia member
    -Civilian casualties result in failure.
    -Info:Your target enjoys cigars outside
    -Location:Sitting in a chair towards the right,with a cigarrete.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings:$2,100

    Mission Three:Brotherhood
    -Primary Objectives: Assassinate the KB member
    -Assassinate the Forensic Specialist
    -Do not alarm either of the targets.
    -Info:Your targets will be sitting together in the park.
    -Hint:Wait until one leans back, then aim for the head to kill both.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings:$3,300

    Mission 4:A New Lead
    -Primary Objectives: Assassinate the Doctor
    -Do not let the doctor escape.
    -Do not alarm the doctor.
    -Info:Your Target will be heading towards his vehicle.
    Hint:He walks from the left to the right,so wait for him.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings:$4,450

    Mission 5:Full House
    -Primary Objectives: Assassinate the King Brother
    -Do not harm anyone but the King Brother
    -Do not alarm the King Brother
    -Info:Given to you during the mission
    -Hint:He has his back to you, and is drinking with his right hand.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings: $8,500

    Mission 6:Airliner
    -Primary Objectives: Eliminate the final King Brother
    -Assassinate the King Brother's bodyguard.
    -Make sure the King Brother does not esacape.
    -Info:Don't let the guard see him die and vise versa.
    -Hint:Wait for him to walk past the bodyguard, then kill the bodyguard first before moving onto the King Brother.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings: $11,500

    Mission 7:Disruption
    -Primary Objectives: Assassinate the Forensics Agent
    -No other casualties will be accepted.
    -Info:Target is in middle room on the top floor.
    -No shot may be present, and target watches satelite television.
    -Hint:Shoot the satelite on top of the building, and wait for the target to get up to fix the television, then eliminate him.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings: $13,500

    Mission 8:Last Speach
    -Primary Objectives: Assassinate the politician.
    -No other casualties will be acceptable.
    -Hint:Just aim and shoot the politician through the glass.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings: $14,500

    Mission 9: The Boom-Man
    -Primary Objectives: Distract the guards for the Boom-Man
    -No casualties will be acceptable.
    -Info:Distract guards using surrounding objects.
    -Hint:First, shoot the tree on the left. Then shoot the bottles on the side of the building. Last, shoot the control panel on the side of the building.
    -Perfect Mission Earnings: $26,000
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