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    Created by -Fly-

      November 5, 2010, 8:45 pm
    Here are the steps; these are what I did, they might not be correct.

    Scene 1:
    -Click the card
    -Click the lever
    -Click the pig
    (Says it on the screen)

    Scene 2:
    -Click the orange rope
    -Click the blue box connected to the lever
    -Click the lever
    -Click the entrance to the train

    Scene 3:
    -Click the red ladybug on the left side
    -Click the yellow arrow with 'Alley' on it.

    Scene 4 (This is a bit tricky; all the clickable places have a spinning 'O'
    -Click the ladder above you
    -Click the circle that's directly above you
    -Go to the room is that 2 windows to your right; it's next to the person taking a shower
    -Go to the room that is directly to the bottom right; 2 rooms below you
    -Go to the bell room
    -Click the wire
    -Click the lever
    -Get out of the elevator
    -Go into the last room with the spinning 'O'

    Scene 5:
    -Click all of the cats from left to right (A key will unlock the box)
    -Click on the purple box on your left
    -Turn the 2nd knob
    -Get the burning lights
    -Click the mouse under the turned-over box
    -Click on the door

    Scene 6:
    -Click on the orange box until the warrant comes out
    -Click the purple cat in the doorway
    -Get through

    Scene 7:
    -Click on the 2 black ninjas from left to right; you will smack into the window

    Scene 8:
    -Click on the cords/levers from right to left of the DJ table
    -Click on the panel on the table
    -Go through the orange door

    Scene 9:
    -Click on the thing to your right
    -Click on the thong to your left
    -Click on the guy on the roof
    -Click on the guy inside's head
    -Click on the big circle
    -Click the red button
    -Click on the helicopter lever

    Scene 10:
    -Click on autopilot
    -Get the sword
    -Attack him
    -Press the other red button

    Scene 11:
    -Click the footprints

    Scene 12:
    -Click on the large blue animal
    -Get the 3 green objects that he asks for
    -Click on him twice

    Scene 13:
    -Match the balloons with the correct animal (Red=ladybug, Blue=bird, gray=elephant)
    -Click on yourself

    Scene 14:
    -Rent the car using the little card on the bottom rack of the shop with the purple cat
    -Fill the car with gas
    -Get the keys
    -Click the yellow car

    Scene 15:
    -Click on the blue cars from the one that's farthest back to the front
    -Get the black car

    Scene 16:
    -Go from the right->left, left-right, then the big circle at the end

    Scene 17:
    -Click the black cat

    You win!

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