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    Created by Legacythiefx

      November 6, 2010, 5:17 pm
    Here is everything u do in order

    1:Grab the chair and put it on the rug
    2:take the crowbar
    3:open the window
    4:toss the alarm clock out the window
    5:head downstairs and get the airfreshener
    6:enter the kitchen
    7:get the glass and the potato
    8:open the frige
    take the frozen toothpaste
    9:retun to downstairs and fill the glass with hot water and use it to unfreeze the toothpaste
    10:head upstairs and grab the toothbrush small key and uniform then put the tothpaste on the toothbrush
    11:go downstairs and knock on the door ur wife will ask for toilet paper
    12:go upstairs and get the toilet paper
    13:she will slip u a piece of paper with the code to the drawer return upstairs
    14:look at the paper then enter the code 803 then take the soap boxing gloves and wallet
    15:go to the bathroom and use the airfreshner
    16:take the plunger tissue and gloves
    17:put the uniform soap and t-brush in the designated ares on the cabinet
    18:go to the living room and hit the fat kid with the boxing gloves and take the private box and open it with the key
    19:return to the bathroom and put the razor in its spot in the cabinet
    20:return to the kitchen and use the plunger to get the towel
    21:go the bathroom and put the towel in its spot in the cabinet the
    22:he will then say prepare for battle and u will see him in a towel with the soap in his hand and he will become dressed
    23:go to the living room and go out the door to the car then take the saw under the car
    24:go bak in the house and get the keys
    25:go outside and use the keys and take the pyro figure out the trunk
    26:go to the garage and open the recycling bin and take the belial figure the hotdog on a stick
    27:eat the hotdog then pick up the spider with the stick
    28:go in the house and put the spider on the web and get the tape when it falls
    29:go in sam room and get the ice pick then poke annie to get the achievment
    30:go to the kitchen and use it to break open the ice and get the last action figure the kid will wake up and ask u to make a potato cannon for him
    31:place all 3 action figures on the drawer
    32:type in 666 on the drawer and take the sawblade and lighter
    33:go outside and attach the sawblade to the saw and cut off the pipe and take it
    34:put the airfreshner,tape,pipe,potato,lighter,and tisse tube together to get the sniper achievment
    35:go up to the room and type in 1421 take the picture to get the dirty secrets achievment
    36:use the potato cannon to break the window to get the other achievment then click to drive as fast as you can and go over 200kph to get speed devil achievment while also unlocking the bravery achievment for driving without a license

    And thats how you do it =D

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        on Nov 19, 2010 at 5:01 pm | report
      no her code is 1431 i am shore

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