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    Created by Sokki

      November 7, 2009, 5:27 pm
    One of my favorites adventure game is this one. The story is wonderful filled with fun to play gameplay and amazing graphics.
    The walkthrough for Back to the Cubeture isn't so hard follow, but the last stage when you chase the bad guy Padrino is little tricky...
    Enough talking lets start working :)

    1. Go into the Saloon and talk with the Bartender using this line: Hello! Top Marks for your mustachio. After a short chat, the bartender will give you pistol. After that go outside.
    2. Do a duel with the guy that is blocking your way to West, and of course win it. To shoot with your gun, just press Space bar when red sign is replaced with the green sign Draw. After you win that duel, travel to the new destination, where you need to win another duel with a mexican guy.
    3. Go into the Sheriff office and take the key from his desk. On your way out you need to beat two guys in a duel. Remember on the firs appearing of the green sign Draw, shoot once to kill the first guy. When the green sign Draw appear again, then you can shoot the other guy. Get back to the saloon.
    4. Order a beer from the bartender and give it to the drunk guy. In his gratitude, the drunk guy will tell you some coordinates that are used into the desert and will lead you to the Indian. Coordinates are saved in your Reminder that is in your inventory box.
    Ask the person that play the piano: Why is the long face. Another information will be saved in your Reminder. Open the locked gate and enter in it and beat the cowboy that is there. After that Enter the Desert *remember that your first move into the desert needs to be South and after that follow the coordinates* See your Compass (upper-right corner) for better guidance.
    5. If you followed the coordinates right, you will get to the place where you'll find Indian guy and three bad guys. Help that helpless Indian. You'll need the arrow and bow from the Indian, but he will give you only if you guess his real name. Talk with the totems in order to find the real name of the Indian. When you find out, talk with the Indian to get the bow and arrow and travel back into the desert until you find the lost song of the piano guy. After that waste your time in the desert until you melt down and be revived in the Saloon.
    6. Give the piano guy his lost song and ask him what is the story for that song. After he start playing it, you can jump on his piano into the second Saloon floor where you'll find something interesting.
    7. Go into the Sheriff office place and use your Bow and Arrow on the Big Clock to summon the Legendary Horseman. You could ask him about the horses outside, if you like to laugh. Beat him in his strange duel to get his horse as prize. Use Space bar as always.
    8. Go into the train station and win the duel with the last three bad guys that are protecting the evil Padrino. After that use your horse to chase and catch Padrino in the mini game.

    Mini Game in which are three obstacles:
    1 - Rolling tumbleweed. Press Space bar when it's right in front of Cuboy to jump over it.
    2 - Padrino throwing a bomb. You can only shoot it when it's not above you, and not in Padrino's hand. Timing is essential - press Space bar when Padrino's hand is at the lowest point in his throwing motion.
    3 - Bandit. This works just like normal shootout mini games. Press space bar only when the signpost is green.

    When Cuboy reaches the front of the train, he will try to make Padrino stop. In round one and two, disarm Padrino by tapping space. In round three, Cuboy will distract Padrino by shouting an insult, chosen by the player from random 'good' or 'bad' insults. choose wisely. If you chose four 'good' insults, Padrino's guard will be down, and the last space bash minigame starts - If you win, the final movie will play.

    I hope that this walkthrough is simple and clear enough in order to complete Back to the Cubeture. Don't forget to post your comment and questions if you need further help :)
    There are alot of clothes for Cuboy, totems may hide something, what happen if you give 5 beers to a drunk man and did you find something to wear in the second floor of the Saloon?

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Oct 26, 2011 at 2:11 pm | report
      Thank you!



        on Apr 11, 2011 at 5:10 pm | report
      Great walkthrough as always, Sokki!

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