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    Created by Tuukliz

      November 17, 2010, 4:53 am
    Level 1

    Drag the moon down, and the play button will pop up on the other side.

    Level 2

    Look for the egg that is spinning the opposite way as all the others, click that one and it will open revealing the button.

    Level 3

    Click the lever to turn on the machine, then drag the circle and the triangle into the machine. It will spit out the button afterwards.

    Level 4

    Click on the the stick that is at the top of the pile until there are none left.

    Level 5

    Click on the men to change their hats. Give them each hats that match what their holding.

    Level 6

    Click the box once and it will move to the right.

    Click the two parts of the PLAY button that are over the box.

    Click the box again until it is centered over the two remaining parts of the PLAY button.

    Click the parts of the play button and they will fall into the box completing the button.

    Level 7

    Click the car once to start it. Click and hold the mouse button down to make it turn. Keep it in the center of the track so it collects all the stars.

    Level 8

    Click and hold on each of the screws to take the plate off.

    Click on the sections of the PLAY button until they are rotated to where they should be.

    Level 9

    Click and hold on the rope and drag your mouse down to pull the screen up.

    Keep doing this until you are at the top of the mountain.

    Level 10

    Click on the car to start it, and click again to make the car jump over the spikes.

    Level 11

    Click and hold the top of the pump, move it up and down to inflate the balloon. Once the balloon pops click play button that's flying around.

    Level 12

    For this one you have to get the bomb to blow up on the crate after 7 seconds. The best way I found to do this was to first make the setup in this screenshot, make note of the button marked with a red dot.

    Click on the bomb to get it started

    After the bomb hits the button in the screenshot with the red dot, make that button point right.

    If you did it right the bomb should explode right on the crate.

    Level 13

    Click the buttons on the sides to spin the wheel and make it all white.

    The optimal pattern is +3. +3, -2, +3, -2, +3.

    Level 14

    Click where you want the golf ball to go. You need to get it into the hole in 4 shots and it can't touch the sides.

    Level 15

    Watch where the button drops, and have the duck dive in the water to get the button.

    Level 16

    Look at the time on the clock, and look out the window to see if its night or day.

    Once you figure out the time enter it in 24-hour time into the safe and then hit #.

    Level 17

    As the plane flies overhead click the screen to make the plane drop a bomb.

    Bomb the three buildings and the play button will appear.

    Level 18

    When the ball bounces it will change shape. Just drop it a little bit at a time until it is the PLAY button.

    Level 19

    Click on the cats in the right order to make the PLAY button appear.

    To find the right order look at the bowls they are eating from and click them in alphabetical order.

    Level 20

    Click on the monsters eyes to make him open all of them.

    Starting with all eyes closed click:The bottom left eye, The top left eye, The top right eye, and the bottom right eye.

    Level 21

    For this one you just need to click all the pieces really fast, as well as in the correct order.

    The order is bottom right, top right, bottom left, top left.

    Level 22

    Drag the cloud in the sky over the sun and Humpty will take off his sunglasses.

    Click his eye to make him wink and hop to one direction a little bit. Keep this up and he will eventually fall off.

    Level 23

    Click on the bottles to change their labels and put them in the correct order.

    Note the first letter of each label.Poison, Lemon, Ale, Yolk.

    Level 24

    Click on the penguin to make him jump.

    Avoid 15 snowballs in a row.

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