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    Created by -Fly-

      November 23, 2010, 9:56 pm
    Alright. This is what I did, I just edited it a little to save you some time instead of spending an hour like I did. Remember, you can right click to mute the sounds.

    -Get the broken wheel that's on the floor
    -Get the white bag of food in the cart
    -Give the bag of food to the creature connected to the cart (Zephyr)
    •Continue on to the next scene

    -Get the flower on your left
    -Click on the white acorns in the middle of the road (Click them whenever you see them)
    -Click on the rock in front of you
    -Click the words on it
    •Click the bottom of the screen to get back to the previous scene

    -Click on the trees to your right
    -Click on the grassy bottom of the empty tree
    -Get the bell clapper tied to the trunk
    •Exit the forest

    -Go into the town
    -Go into the abandoned house with the open door
    -Read the letter on the floor
    -Click on the black cat to get it's fur
    •Leave the house

    -Talk to the woman in red by the well
    -Go to the stable (Labeled on the tree; click the signs)
    -Talk to the red-haired stable keeper
    •Go back to the tree

    -Go to the forge
    -Give the broken wheel to him
    -Click on the face with the question mark and drag it to the blacksmith (Who is Derrida)
    -Exit the forge
    -Click on the house by the forge
    -Connect the bell clapper to the empty bell on the house
    -Ring the bell
    •Enter the house

    -Get the amulet on the table
    -Get the pot
    -Click on the woman in the back
    -Talk to her
    -Do the same with the 'Who is Derrida' icon to her
    •Exit to the big tree with the signs

    -Get the acorns on the side of the road
    -Click the wagon in the back
    -Talk to the guy
    -Buy both of the formulas
    •Exit back to the street

    -Enter the tavern on your left
    -Get toe brown box on the table
    -Click on the drunk's head for a piece of his hair
    -Talk to the bartender (Do the same with 'Who is Derrida')
    -Click on the empty potion bottle
    -Go to the back of the tavern by the wine
    -Buy a wine bottle
    •Exit back to the big tree

    -Go to the town hall
    -Click on the door to your right
    -Talk to the old man
    -Do the same with 'Who is Derrida'
    -Exit back to the front of the house
    -Click on the bottom left door
    -Click on the waterfall
    -Get the water lily in the middle
    •Exit back to the big tree by clicking the empty space in the background

    -Go to the outskirt's house
    -Go inside
    -Like the stove with the box of flints
    -Put the pot on the stove
    -Place the flower in the pot
    -Place the drunk's hair in the pot
    -Put the amulet in the pot

    -Put the cat fur into the pot
    -Put the water lily into the pot
    -Put the wine into the pot
    -Fill the empty potion bottle with the mixture by dragging it to the pot
    •Exit to the big tree

    -Go back to the Tavern (Wayside inn)
    -Use the amulet on the guy
    •Exit to the big tree

    -Go to the stable
    -Click on the redheaded girl again
    -Give the drunk to her (Her husband)
    -Do the same with 'Who is Derrida'
    •Go to the big tree

    -Go to the the town hall
    -Go to the water fall
    -Poor the potion into the water
    -Talk to the man (Derrida)
    -Go to the town hall
    -Visit the old man
    -Give the completed 'Who is Derrida' to him (If not completed, try to revist all of the people you talked to.)
    •Go to the big tree

    -Go to the forge
    -Buy the wheel
    -Go to the big tree
    -Go to the outskirts house
    -Exit the place
    -Go back to your cart
    -Put the wheel onto the cart

    ••You're finished!••

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Nov 24, 2010 at 5:29 pm | report
      Great walkthrough!

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