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    Created by Laser909

      December 9, 2010, 4:49 pm
    Notes: READ THE WHOLE WALKTHROUGH BEFORE PLAYING! And the reason that you do not buy rockets is that you start off with 25. Ok this is a walkthrough by laser909,Shop guide:Focus on armour and weapons do not buy rockets, I did the whole game not using rockets. Level guide:level 1 :only basic tank here just try to dodge the bullets no tricks needed, like I said after this wave do not buy rockets because they are a waste of money. Level 2:helicopters here use the booster to shoot them with more accuracy, now buy the next gun (remember do not buy rockets). Level 3:Rocket tanks here try to shoot their rockets since they do 100 damage if they hit. If you can buy the next armour buy it. Level 4:Rocket helicopters (they shoot 3 rockets at a time) same strategy as normal helicopters but be careful not to get hit. Buy the next weapon if you can. Level 5:Right... this level only has rocket enemies. I suggest that you have the 2nd gun and armour before doing this level. Buy the next armour if you have enough money. Level 6:We are now joined by heavy tanks (luckily you can block them with your shield) after this wave if you have enough money buy a new gun. Level 7:Listen up this is where it starts to get serious now there are heavy rocket tanks. Their rockets are homing and do double damage. Destroy the rockets as quickly as possible. Upgrade armour to full if you have enough money. Level 8:Now in this level there are all rocket enemies and heavy tanks. You will probably need the last armour and 3rd gun same strategy as before destroy the rockets asap. If you have enough money buy the last gun. You can now (if you have last gun and armour) use your money on rockets. Level 9:Now there are big red tanks that fire heavy bullets that do good damage and big knockback. Level 10 (final level):Make sure that you have the last gun and armour and a lot of rockets before you start. This level will have no weak enemies just heavy tanks and rocket enemies you will need a lot of skill to survive.
    Credits: Laser 909

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        on Dec 10, 2010 at 2:58 am | report
      This is a walkthrough about what I think if you think it is bad that is because it is what you think.

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